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How to Motivate Your Employees to Return to the Office Using the Meeting Room Scheduler



How to Motivate Your Employees to Return to the Office Using the Meeting Room Scheduler

Working in pajamas is an immense privilege for workers far away from work or have many kids. No more early alarms, sore, heavy eyes but need to take a bath, time-consuming dressing-up and putting make-ups, rush-hour commuting, and many more. With the help of technology, they will only use their meeting room booking tablet or any Wi-Fi device to join a meeting whenever they have one.

Imagine how much time and energy team members can save while working in the comfort of their homes. Everybody likes being at home. Who can say no to these advantages working from home gives?

For the employers, how can you motivate your team members to return to your workplace if they get used to the convenience of working from home?

Due to the pandemic, organizations worldwide struggle to keep projects on track and maintain their team members motivated and engaged. As the world suspends traditional ways of working, companies find more ways to collaborate even at a distance. Today the hot meeting online is the current trend in the workplace. However, there are proven disadvantages to conducting meetings virtually.

To somewhat understand why it is not as significant to hold a meeting online as to face-to-face meetings, here are some of the cons of virtual meetings:


Disadvantages of Online Meetings

1. Extra meeting booking software and appropriate hardware

Gadgets are now a necessity, so it is safe to say that almost every team member has a smartphone or laptop that can handle online meetings. But the real struggle is, they need to install new software, and some people find it hard to figure out different meeting room scheduler software.


2. Time zones

Setting a meeting is difficult if your colleagues or clients are in different countries or time zones. While if you are both present in your Office, you can instantly reserve a space with a meeting software scheduling room and have the discussion done in an hour.


3. Technical Issues

Any device user will somehow experience a malfunction with their gadgets, slow connection, faulty meeting room scheduler software, or breakage, or lose their laptops.


4. Communication Errors

If your workforce comprises different nationalities, it is extra challenging to understand your colleague when talking online. Most significantly, if they have a thick accent and all you can do is base what they meant on hand gestures. You need a substantial meeting software scheduling room supporting clear and stable video conferencing to mitigate this struggle.


5. Loss of Concentration

A noisy environment or some people who talk to you suddenly will destroy the flow of your discussions. Ensure that you conduct your virtual meetings in a quiet place and use an easy-to-use online meeting room scheduler to have stress-free and uninterrupted meeting sessions.


6. Lack of Information Security

Online meetings have a high risk of security due to the chance of hacking. It can jeopardize the confidentiality of information regarding your business. The intruder can get the information and use it for their benefit. It is essential to have a meeting room manager login that requires high security that only managers or authorized users can access, especially when sharing information online.


7. Poor Planning

The planning process is undoubtedly more comfortable in an online meeting as there are no conference room to book and no plan to print out. However, they may miss some details or may not understand some parts of the topic and too shy to clarify it when discussing online.

Therefore, it is still necessary to gather your team members to communicate and collaborate better. Besides, it is easier to book a conference room when using a meeting room software open source.

In your team members’ end, they can use a meeting room booking system free download for a mobile phone that will help them find the conference room quickly. So, you can start your sessions on time.

Despite providing convenience and numerous benefits, hot meeting online has its own set of drawbacks. But the question is: are these enough to persuade your team member to return to their workstations finally? They may be enjoying the benefits of online meeting room booking software free downloads for their mobile phones when meeting online, but nothing beats the face-to-face discussions.

How to Motivate Your Employees to Return to the Office Using the Meeting Room Scheduler


To finally fill your empty workstations, here are five ways to tempt your team members to return to the Office.


Four Ways to Entice Employees Back to Your Workplace

1. Provide a Safe Work Environment with an Open Source Meeting Room Display

The main reason why team members won’t come back to their desks is the fear of virus infection. To assure them that their safety is your company’s utmost concern is to take effective and appropriate safety measures. These are physical distancing, sanitizer readily available, decreased workers a day using an open-source meeting room display, and extra cleanings.

Many offices use a meeting room software outlook, which provides easy scheduling of events and helps address the threat of virus contamination in the area.


2. Make the space feel sociable

One of the best things about staying at home is you can relax on your soft sofas. As an employer, you can beat that by creating a leisure or gaming room. A free meeting room layout planner can help you design a place for a table of billiards or ping pong that allows your team members to discuss while having fun. Always remind them to reserve the room with a meeting room manager so others can use the room as well.


3. Make the Transition Easy and Convenient

Convenience is a significant reason why many team members love to work at home. With that in mind, you can provide a stress-free booking of desk and meeting rooms even before they arrive at the office. You may use the meeting room scheduling outlook integrated, which provides a specific workspace’s updated status. It shows the incoming and current reservations, so your team members will not waste their time and book another space.


For large offices, a meeting room diagram software free download for mobile phones can quickly help your team members find a room. It shows the 3D map of your whole workplace for quick wayfinding.

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