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Must-Have Pieces of Hardware for a Startup Office



Must-Have Pieces of Hardware for a Startup Office

Whichever industry you’re in, sooner or later you’ll need to invest in some quality equipment and hardware items as a part of your startup expansion. While certain types of hardware are designed to streamline your daily business operations and administrative tasks, knowing what types of tools to invest in can save you money and help you stay organized in the long run. Here are some of the essential office hardware products.

External hard drive

Although nowadays every computer, laptop or desktop have substantial memory capacities, sometimes you need an external hard drive to stay organized. An external hard drive is useful for startup businesses that don’t like the idea of storing sensitive information in the Cloud or their computers’ hard drives. In cases of disastrous events, like fire or flood, external hard drives can protect valuable business data, since they can be removed and stored safely after every work day. In addition, they can be used as backup devices for certain types of data, especially if paired with systems with extra layers of security, and storing data on them can also help you optimize your computer’s speed.

Desktop or laptop computer

Whether you prefer custom-build desktop computers, highly portable laptops, or multi-user workstations, make sure you choose a reputable vendor for your computing hardware. Basically, you need business grade products that will last several years with minimal maintenance. In this sense, you may even consider fanless industrial grade PC solutions which, despite being designed for harsh environments, excels in a startup office role due to their compact dimensions, sealed, dust-proof construction, and large heat sink design that ensures longer reliability and life span.

Network server solution

If your business needs any kind of network to support your database, email applications, and other shared files, you’ll need to set up a network server. There are several server solutions based on the amount of storage you need, security requirements, and backup options. Hiring a specialist will ensure you purchase the right package for your current and future operational needs.

Wireless router

A wireless-enabled router allows you to keep your office or workspace connected to the Internet wirelessly. A solid wireless connection provides high-speed connectivity to all computers and mobile devices in your office. If your startup office lacks space, having a wireless operation reduces the need for extra cables running in and around your office.

Professional printer

No matter if you plan to print out all your marketing materials yourself or just need to handle basic document printing, a high-quality printer will save you both time and energy. In addition, you can encourage your employees to reduce printing costs even further by going paperless whenever possible. At the end of the day, however, you’ll still need a reliable printer for contracts, legal docs, and other materials, so make sure the one you choose supports multiple functions like scanning, photocopying, and faxing.

Business telephone systems

Despite the multitude of different ways technology allows businesses to communicate with clients or each other, even today, much of the business is conducted over the old fashioned landlines. Weather using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) or your local phone company, make sure your package includes features like call transfer, call hold, as well as automated voicemail.


Although mobile handsets are challenging landline phones in every aspect of life, for entrepreneurs, mobile technology has evolved far beyond convenient voice and data communications. Latest generations of Android, iOS, and BlackBerry devices come with a diverse range of utility and productivity tools, remote-access solutions, and various software applications, enabling users to control all aspects of their business from anywhere in the world.

Just as every office needs furniture to qualify it as a workplace, it also needs essential hardware products. While there are certainly many other items you might need in your office besides these seven, the nature of your work and available space will condition the additional purchases.

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