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Photographer Maverick Mikhail Goldenberg Focuses on Broader Horizons of Evolution



Photographer Maverick Mikhail Goldenberg Focuses on Broader Horizons of Evolution
From Jack Dorsey’s campaign of interviews over Twitter’s sphere of influence or Mark Zuckerberg’s privacy declaration, more tech companies are realizing their blindness toward technological social impacts on our generation. In order to be the leaders of tomorrow, these monolithic platforms recognize the necessity of a more conscious approach. Whether that’s through educating masses or amending the grim issues the public are dealing with today, esteemed photographer Mikhail Goldenberg pivots himself to be the catalyst for such change.

With his new nonprofit venture, Global Hybrid Media, coming this year to accompany his commercially driven company Goldenberg Media, Mikhail Goldenberg will resuscitate the solutions that plague our torpid approach to the biggest social issues and global threats we face. Whether the problems originate from economical, political or social upheavals, Goldenberg’s plans to shine through the opaque, volatile mess and create visionary answers. Complex problems call for complex approach, so Goldenberg decided to expand from photography into film production, digital print media and innovative storytelling solutions. As the untested issues with technology that’s risen from connected world shaping our globalized present at the light speed, Global Hybrid Media will be dedicated to take control of a future narrative.

Goldenberg’s inimitable comprehension in transformation derived from his extraordinary upbringing. Growing up inside of the Soviet Union during its collapse, it shaped his reality well beyond his outlook on life. From a young age he knew he wanted to be an artist, but the precarity of his surroundings influenced him to search out an education that was more financially stable. So instead of art, he graduated with a degree in economics, and built a career in a corporate world.

When his parents planned to retire in United States, Goldenberg rearranged his aims to find himself again in his original passion of storytelling.

Goldenberg rapidly made a career with hit commercial successes and poignant art pieces. Of his immense body of work he has a soft spot for the fine art series Kintsugi. It chronicles the impelling, empathy driven story of one woman’s road to recovery from the catastrophe of being thrown off a six story parking structure by her stalker. With 50 surgeries and over 40 pounds of metal implanted into her, she’s a testament to one’s will to strive and make life better even in the face of profound trauma.

It rings true to one of Goldenberg’s favorite writers once aptly said, “A man can be destroyed, but not defeated.” As for the future of this applauded project, Goldenberg plans to expand this piece with more photos and an exhibition later this year.
Goldenberg’s time in business and financial realms has emerged as a benefit for his career in photography. With his corporate background and deep knowledge of capital dynamics, Goldenberg understands that eventual sales increase and strengthening the brand are the main client’s prerogatives when commissioning a project.
“A lot of photographers in commercial field struggle with sustaining their creativity within the limitations presented by a framework of specific brand, but it’s not mutually exclusive and I’ve prospered in result of my ability to achieve both.”

Furthermore, Goldenberg’s long term plan is to fuse his extensive knowledge of world economics, financial markets, media storytelling with his lifelong passion of scientific and technological progress by creating two more sister companies – investment fund Goldenberg Capital and tech firm Goldenberg Technologies, to continue shaping the future in both physical and informational ways.

Rachel Dares is a Former Newscaster | Columnist | Radio Host | President of Rachel Dares PR