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Director Luis Corchon Films Jeep Campaign With MPH Club



They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Following that notion, a video is worth even more. In the hands of a skilled filmmaker, a video can tell a compelling story even without words. With an eye for detail and visual storytelling skills, director Luis Corchon has been getting down and dirty capturing mph club’s Jeep Wranglers in action. 

Luis Corchon is an Argentine-born filmmaker based in Miami, Florida. A life-long interest and curiosity about cameras eventually led to him opening a photography studio. Learning and honing his photography and videography skills as he went along, Luis has built a reputation for creating bespoke and high-quality short films for his clients.

Launching his professional career in the arts in 2020, Corchon has been focused on capturing vehicles in motion. His most recent project was a partnership with mph club, an exotic car rental company. Founded by Liram Sustiel, mph club offers access to an extensive collection of luxury and exotic cars. Aside from rental services, they also provide chauffeur services for events and a membership program for luxury vehicle enthusiasts. Luis directed and edited a promotional film for mph club featuring two Jeep Wranglers from the club’s fleet of cars.

Luis Corchon skillfully filmed the Jeep Wranglers, capturing the vehicles’ abilities and the unlimited possibilities they offer. In this project with mph club, the filmmaker successfully conveys a story that car enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike will appreciate and enjoy.

Shot in the Everglades, Luis Corchon was able to showcase the sense of adventure inspired by the Jeep’s timeless design. The short film opens with cinematic views of the lush green wetlands and a sparkling strip of water reflecting the beautiful clouds like a mirror. The video  then cuts to the footage of two Jeep Wranglers. Each shot that follows, displays the cars’ different features. The Jeep exudes the aura of power, adventure and versatility. Luis Corchon captures the essence of the cars, as he shows the vehicle moving across different terrains. Smooth roads, rocky terrain, and muddy landscapes pose no difficulty for these powerful vehicles. This short film makes the viewers feel a longing for an adventurous ride and the excitement to drive into the unknown. 

Luis Corchon is a self-proclaimed thrill-seeker. Prior to working with luxury brands, he spent several months filming adrenaline junkies on electric skate and surfboards, stimulating his taste for action. His familiarity with the stimulating effects of an adrenaline rush and his passion for luxury cars blended perfectly in the video he produced for mph club.

Luis Corchon prides himself in pushing the limits to give his clients the best. He tackles each project with a strong sense of artistic direction and identity while still delivering films that his clients will love. His drive to constantly deliver perfection sets him apart from other filmmakers. 

Luis Corchon is a talented filmmaker with several high-end collaborations under his belt. His latest project with mph club can be viewed on the brand’s YouTube channel. More information about Corchon’s  work is available on Instagram or on his website, You can also check out the club website on

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