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DJ Diddy: House Party Phenom Turned Global Superstar



DJ Diddy: House Party Phenom Turned Global Superstar

Credit: DJ Diddy via Instagram

When you’re starting out, virtually any gig is worth it!

In no shortage of time wasted, there are clear fallacies that newcomers fall into as bait (or traps) in our modern social media universe. Stop rejecting the small people along the way! DJ Diddy specifically noted, in my conversations with him, his emphasis on “No Fan Left Behind”. What this means, in the grand scheme of one’s entrepreneurial experience, is that if someone is sending you love and support…reciprocate it! Send them back a DM, even the generic Instagram “heart”; to be an engaging public figure is to engage with your audience. This is a vital step toward gaining and retaining valid fans, supporters, and collaborators. Send love to receive love. In conclusion, stop ignoring your supporters.

Whether you’re on stage or behind the scenes, understanding time management is critical to your success.

We’re all guilty of slacking off, to a degree. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who decided to give themselves the night off, or you decided to hit a bar on a Monday night- it’s important to give yourself breaks. Overworking oneself is a cardinal sin in this industry; if you burn out early, you won’t have the mandatory motivation and fire under your arse to keep your foot on the gas and power forward, at all costs. Time management is, perhaps, the core of how to get sh*t done. If you’re trying to land yourself into a lucrative, recurrent gig, you have to realize there are valid competitors aiming for the same output. Imagine this. The DJ scene is like throwing a bunch of small fish, medium fish, big fish, and giant fish into a small pond, suffocating all the fish with the surrounding fish, and then allowing Darwinism, “survival of the fittest” & “Natural Selection”, to weed out the outliers. We’re all familiar with the sinking, cold feeling of not succeeding at some point; it’s not about failing, rather, how you learn and professionally grows from your failures to bring about new succession.

If you’re doing an unpaid gig, assess how you can maximize the venue too, in turn, generate work opportunities.

The heart of our passion lies within our conversion rates: assessing a situation, we must keep in mind that even if it isn’t lucrative, what can we convert into an asset based on the environmental factors surrounding the gig? A gig, by modern entrepreneurial interpretation, is essentially a gateway to more gigs. With proper networking and communication skills, any gig can be converted into a long-term hold, instead of the assumed “one-night stand” nature that many opportunities present themselves as. To maximize efficiency is to assess all related components: who hired you, why are you in demand, and how can the current situation be upscaled, pending a successful first go. Relevant to DJ Diddy, we can observe a particular example where he literally jumped the fence, snuck into VIP, and networked his way into the backstage festivities.

DJ Diddy marked this moment as the first time he was ever backstage!

After jumping the fence, Diddy ran into the major opportunity at sold-out Life in Color festival finding V.I.P. access to the industry. After the first appearance, DJ Diddy got in contact with the marketing promoters of Life in Color as an avid salesman for concert tickets. The following Life in Color event in Philly, PA, DJ Diddy sold all the quota ticket….but didn’t get paid.

Retaliating with a vengeance, Diddy and friends sought a rather hooligan route. They were tinkering on the law as they, one by one, jumped their fence to copious clout & industry recognition. Déja vú struck yet again for Diddy, as yet another experience and career milestone was reached networking personally with music and pop culture celebrities in the likes of:

  • GTA (EDM Duo)
  • Showtek (EDM DJs)
  • TJR (EDM DJs)

After sharing the hilarity and risky nature of their tale to reach V.I.P., GTA members of the famed EDM duo were enthralled to have met DJ Diddy & friends. The point here is, anyone can do this sh*t. You just gotta have the balls to own up to your mistake if something goes wrong. The point of being an entrepreneur is acknowledging that you might stack up a pile of L’s on your way to straight W’s. The path is different for everyone. Market conditions are rigorous and unforgiving. Essentially, it’s you vs. the World…who will conquer?

“If you’re following your passion, don’t stop; just know the harder it gets, the closer you are.” – DJ Diddy

~ Sean Kelly, Jersey Champs CEO


Sean Kelly is the president of Jersey Champs, one of the largest jersey companies in North America. Sean Kelly is a public speaker advocating for young entrepreneurs to pursue business opportunities in America.