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Don’t take the pre-shipment inspections for granted – the essential facts to keep in mind



The pre-shipment inspections form a crucial aspect of the entire supply management process that ensures that the newly manufactured products are assessed for quality and quantity for getting shipped out from the factory. But before you delve into it, you need to know a few factors.

  • The pre-shipment inspection acts as the systematic random inspection

The inspection happens in the manufactured units that get selected randomly for every batch that prepares for shipment. Also, this inspection is conducted as the production gets complete and almost 80% packed. And each of these follows an AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) standard or gets based on specific consumer needs.

Random sampling will allow the quality control team to efficiently evaluate the quality of the complete batch of all the manufactured products. To know more about this, you can hire a professional sourcing agent

  • It helps in averting the expensive delays and re-manufacturing 

A quicker and less expensive way of gaining insight into a more significant order, pre-shipment inspection allows a team to assess the quantity and quality of the manufactured goods. It efficiently enables all product defects to get corrected before any shipment. You can determine weaknesses in the product and ensure that the packaging and product cater to the security standard needed for the destination market.

The best sourcing agents have witnessed multiple cases where the importers only had to inspect the products after the shipment. And once it was received, it was impossible to sell at the market. It led to rising manufacturing costs and delays that resulted in returning all goods to factories and disposing of the entire shipment. This was a huge blow to the growth and development of the business.

  • The pre-shipment inspection services enhance import effectiveness

To avert any regulatory problems, the PSI inspection can enable you to ensure that the inspection reports and certificates are in excellent order for any outgoing shipment. And it all depends on the importers to ensure that all the legal needs are met. That means all the certifications will help in the consumer clearance process, which can take a long time.

That aside, a pre-shipment inspection also authenticates that the products comply with the security regulations and standards, thereby providing that it doesn’t lead to any danger associated with security, health, or the environment. All the packaging and products should be checked to ensure they possess the much-needed certification and markings. If the product doesn’t cater to the market needs, it may come across import limitations. And that includes getting blocked by customs or being subject to product destruction and recall.

Now that you know the pre-shipment inspection’s relevance, you must get in touch with a sourcing agent and ensure that you execute the process correctly. It will ensure that you follow all the rules associated with the restriction and never fall into any trouble related to that and incur any challenging losses. With proper guidance and assistance, it is possible to overcome the challenges associated with pre-shipment. Don’t you agree with us?


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