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Dr. Adel Quttainah Defining Cosmetic Surgery in the Middle East



Dr. Adel Quttainah

The work in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery has grown in demand and popularity over the years. Yet even in a field as competitive, Dr. Adel Quttainah remains a leading figure. 

An internationally trained and highly experienced cosmetic and reconstructive microsurgeon, Dr. Adel has built a solid reputation in the Middle East. As a recognized microsurgeon, he’s highly sought after by patients and practitioners alike. Dr. Adel is one of the very few consultant microsurgeons that performs free tissue transfer with perforator flaps in the Middle East area.

Dr. Quttainah has opened multiple clinics in his many years of practice. His most recent practice is the Quttainah Medical Center, which he opened in 2016. With over 20 years of experience in cosmetic medicine, Dr. Adel is best known today among plastic surgery circles in the Middle East. He has personally given hands-on oversight on the development of Quttainah Medical Center. Today, he continues to manage most of the center’s operations, ensuring the highest standards of care for each patient that walks through their doors.

Dr. Adel Quttainah pursued his initial medical training at the National University of Ireland–University of College Cork. He would then complete a five-year residency at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. He completed his residency program with a focus on plastic and reconstructive surgery. The doctor would then go on to join the University of Toronto post-graduation for a microsurgery fellowship. During this time, he worked mostly on breast reconstruction using free tissue transfer and perforator flaps and free muscle transfer for facial reanimation post-facial paralysis. 

Dr. Quttainah would later move on to complete an aesthetic fellowship with Dr. Lloyd Carlsen in Woodbridge, Ontario, and a clinical research fellowship with Dr. James Bain at the Hamilton General Hospital in Ontario. After spending some time in Canada, Dr. Adel later moved back to the Middle East to pursue his practice. In 2003, he accepted an invitation to head the Plastic Surgery Department at SAAD Hospital in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. 

Dr. Adel Quttainah went on to break many grounds in the field of plastic surgery in the region. He provided the first-ever all cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgery disciplines under one roof. He also later returned to Kuwait to launch the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, his first private aesthetic surgery clinic, and one of the first in the country.

The model of operating a cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgery in one proved to be a hugely successful program. This approach made it more convenient for patients as it provided them with a one-stop-shop for their aesthetic surgery needs. Many practices would go on to adopt the same approach to their practices as well. Dr. Adel’s practice later expanded its offerings to everything from Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Dermatology, Facial Plastic Surgery (ENT), LVR Clinic (Cosmetic Gynecology), Surgical Weight Loss (Bariatric Surgery), Non-Surgical Weight Loss and Diet Department, Laser Clinic, Skin Care and Anti-aging Clinic, and a Hair Care and Transplantation Clinic.

Since working with this model, Dr. Adel has provided all his patients seeking cosmetic enhancements with all their needs in one venue. As a leader and trailblazer in every way, it’s safe to say that Dr. Adel defines the plastic surgery practice in the Middle East and many other parts of the world.

To learn more about Dr. Adel Quttainah and his leading work, visit Quttainah Medical Center’s official website.

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