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Dr. Eric Nepute: Leading the Battle Against Expensive Healthcare in America



Most people desire to help other people worldwide, but after a while, they often lose sight of that goal and the others who continue in the path and gain popularity later become selective about who they help. Dr. Eric Nepute is a COVID-19 health expert, the owner of Nepute Wellness Centers in St. Louis, and founder of the Wellness Warrior brand who has been talking the talk and also backing his words by action. 

After witnessing the disenfranchisement and the high cost of medical bills levied against the familiar people, a desire was sparked in Dr. Eric to help these people. Wanting to provide help to more than just a few people, Dr. Eric founded the Common Sense Health movement providing medical health aid to communities in America. The Common Sense Health movement has revolutionized health in the United States of America by exposing corrupt medical and pharmaceutical agendas, and revealing the elite’s hidden health secrets, and bridging the gap, and making better healthcare available and affordable to all.

As a COVID-19 health expert, Dr. Eric is helping to fulfill the mission of the Common Sense Health movement by providing aid to more people. The campaign works tirelessly to make people less susceptible to sickness by giving away one million bottles of Vitamin D and Zinc to help strengthen their immune system to fight against infections naturally. The reason for the Vitamin D and Zinc choice was that several pieces of research have shown that 9 out of 10 Covid related deaths were as a result of deficiency of Vitamin D. The movement also included a Flu and Cold prevention and a treatment protocol and a video masterclass on total health transformation.

Dr. Eric Nepute has gained widespread recognition and is a highly sought after speaker in the health and wellness community, known for vividly speaking on topics ranging from stress management to living a pain-free life. Dr. Eric’s mission is clear, as he seeks to help individuals and families most vulnerable to flu, cold, and viruses naturally to reach their body’s high-quality potential. He explains that the body has the natural, God-given ability to heal itself, and he’s just trying to help remove the roadblocks so the body can do its job. He plans to strengthen the body’s immune system by providing high-quality vitamins, building blocks for robust immune systems.

Dr. Eric believes that it is more blessed to give to people rather than to receive and that people have a responsibility to make a difference in the world. The movement’s goal is to revolutionize America’s healthcare system and protect the most vulnerable people health-wise by giving away vitamin D and Zinc to them.

To learn more about Dr. Eric Nepute and the Common Sense Health movement, you may visit the website and Facebook.

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