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Dr. Joseph Yi Talks Wellness



Dr. Joseph Yi


Dr. Joseph Yi (@joyimd) is a well known holistic psychiatrist that has made it his life’s purpose to help people deal with addiction and mental illness. Yi has worked with hundreds of patients including well-known celebrities, and his unorthodox approach to psychology has changed the way many people view wellness.

Unlike most physicians, Yi doesn’t believe in treating the symptoms of addiction or mental issues. Instead, Yi says that he is focused on treating the root causes of the issues people are facing, which will help patients get better results in the long run. Instead of immediately issuing prescriptions to his patients, he says that he looks to treat them in a variety of different ways. 

He says that the first thing he looks at is their fitness level, their diet, and psychological issues that could also be classified as mindset issues. Yi says that he helps patients get better in all three of those areas in order to create an improved lifestyle that will then help patients deal with their overarching issues of addiction and mental illness. Yi says that he views medicine and prescriptions as part of a solution rather than the entire solution, which is drastically different than what most physicians are doing. He strives to help people and for him, this meant taking that extra step to find out just how to find the entire solution.

As for his practice Modern Wellness, Yi says that he has taken a very unique approach to their style of treatment along with the design of the building as a whole. Yi says that they took a very zen approach to their building, attempting to create an environment that screams tranquility and peace. Yi says that many treatment centers give off the exact opposite effect, and give off a depressive atmosphere that can affect the way patients respond to treatment. The environment that they portray is very inviting and calming allowing people to feel like their most comfortable and best selves without any worries.

Yi has made it his career to build a dedicated team of psychiatrists who are trained to help people through their struggles in a holistic way. He has many cores focuses when it comes to building his team. He tries to get people to see and believe in his philosophy of health. He needs a team that has the same vision like him and who wants to help make it a reality. He explains how important it is for all of your employees to understand exactly what you’re doing and why it is that you want your business to succeed. 

For him, getting everyone set on the same goals will make them try harder than ever to achieve them. They need something to work towards, something that they believe in themselves.  

Yi says that he and his team at Modern Behavioral are like one big happy family. They all trust each other and have a connection. Trust is very important for him in his line of work as he also has to build trust with his patients. 

Yi says that creating a bond with all of your patients and getting to know them on a personal level is one of the most powerful things that you can do as clinicians. This makes patients feel safe and comfortable. Yi hopes that the success that his patients have had at Modern Behavioral will rub off on the rest of the industry. 

Yi says that perseverance, hard work, and dedication are essential to building a business that can scale. He says that when you’re trying to scale a business, it’s important to hire the right people who you can trust and outsource work to so you can focus on growing the business. However, he says that it’s important to keep your eye on the ball and maintain high-quality work. He also says that it’s important to embrace technology, especially during times of exponential change. 

Yi plans to keep on warming people up to the idea of holistic wellness and the belief that health officials should take on a more preventative approach than a reactive approach. He says that he will continue creating content on social media in order to broadcast his message to a wider range of people, and he hopes that he can continue growing Modern Behavioral as well. 

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