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Dream Face Art: Creating Impact with Art and Creativity



To the Costas family, Dream Face Art is more than just a family business. It’s their way of leaving a mark in people’s hearts and minds. Their way of doing so is by creating and delivering memorable experiences at various events through art and entertainment. 

The art and entertainment company is the direct result of the hard work, dedication, and creativity of Dubeysha and her husband and their daughter, Alexia. The company started over a decade ago when Dubeysha and Alexia were browsing the internet for art classes they could attend. While doing their homework, the mother and daughter discovered the inspiring world of face and body painting. 

Motivated to pursue art as a profession, Alexia and Dubeysha would find themselves traveling to Orlando to attend the Face and Body Art International Convention. It was there that they would solidify the vision for Dream Face Art, a company that shares joy and inspiration to families, groups, companies, and communities through art and entertainment. Later on, Alexia’s father would join the company as one of the core performers, delivering balloon-twisting performances that would wow audiences of various ages. The trio would start serving multiple events, parties, and functions in the Maryland, DC, and northern Virginia area and spend the next eleven years leveling up event experiences through various creative expressions. Everything else is history. 

Dream Face Art provides various creative expressions for birthday parties, weddings, night events, corporate functions, and other forms of events. Some of their services include face and body art, balloon sculptures, party decor, entertainment services, glitter tattoos, airbrush tattoos, and many other creative offerings. The company continues to expand its art borders by collaborating with other artists and performers in the DC area to support the art community and add flair to many parties and functions in the region.

At the core of Dream Face Art’s existence is a commitment to creativity. The company values art more than anything and believes in its power to draw people together. “Art speaks a universal language through evoked emotions and concepts that merge onto vivid imagery,” shares Alexia Costas. “Dream Face Art believes that life imitates art and vice versa.” 

The Costas family maintains that creativity isn’t something limited to artists. It’s an analogous form that anyone can experience and enjoy. In times such as today’s crisis, art plays an important role in providing people positive experiences that can uplift and even heal people. To the trio, art and entertainment is not just a luxury. It’s a necessity.

Dream Face Art commits just as much energy and effort to customer experiences as they do to the creative pursuit. Accordingly, they have developed a strong reputation for providing excellent client service and become some of today’s most reliable art and entertainment companies for events and functions. The company is a five-year Gigmasters Award recipient and awardee of The Bash and Thumbtack’s distinctions for loyalty and excellence. Alexia has also picked up various national awards and recognitions in body and art painting competitions. Her unmistakable talent shows in her amazing art and face-painting works that have made rounds all over social media and the digital stratosphere.

In the years to come, Dream Face Art hopes to expand to other corners of the nation and possibly even perform overseas. With their dedication to creative excellence and customer satisfaction, it’s only a matter of time until they start expanding their borders outwards. To check out Dream Face Art services and portfolio, check out their website, Facebook page, and Instagram. Connect with Alexia Costas by following her art account on Instagram.

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