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E-Commerce Icon Derek James Shows Why He is One of 2020’s Top 40



Many people want to start a business, but not everyone has what it takes to succeed. This could be due to a lack of skills, knowledge, resources, or the right attitude necessary to survive in such a competitive field. And probably all entrepreneurs want the honor of being named one of the industry’s leaders, but only the best of the best can reach the summit.

Certified Amazon seller Derek James made the cut, and he has the numbers to back it up. 

This highly-successful entrepreneur, who has eight-figure companies credited to his name, is an awardee of the 2020 Albany Business Review’s 40 under 40. He was able to grow his brands and e-commerce business to over one hundred and forty million dollars in lifetime sales in just under three years, the majority of which were through Amazon and social media platforms. 

The 40 under 40 award is a nod to James’ expertise in dealing with the market and building his e-commerce companies. He owns three separate eight-figure businesses that are doing over sixty million dollars a year online. Aside from that, he owns one of the most commendable VA companies in the area. Founded in 2019, VA Relief gets e-commerce sellers in touch with the company’s fully-trained virtual assistants.

The VAs from VA relief are capable of taking the heavy lifting off of the client’s plates and handling the entire back end business so that the client can exponentially expand. Right now, VA Relief’s clients range from those with fifty thousand dollars of monthly sales to those making millions monthly. Their largest client is currently making twenty-six million dollars a month. 

To add to his impressive portfolio, James has also acquired Brand EnerPlex for $1,400,000, which was publicly traded on the stock market under Ascent Solar and revamped and expected to make a whopping twenty-five million dollar in sales in 2020. 

Without a doubt, James has cemented himself as a powerhouse in the e-commerce industry. His experience and expert skill set have led to other businesses benefiting from his consultations. And for major brands, e-commerce sellers, national brands, entrepreneurs, and celebrities who want to achieve fast growth for their companies, it is guaranteed that Derek James can guide the way toward success. For clients who are interested in having someone else take the reins over their back end business, James’ VA company is just a couple of clicks away. 

As an owner of multi-figure e-commerce businesses that are leading the industry, Derek James knows first hand what it takes to grow very fast. Yes, not everyone has what it takes to make their business dreams a reality, but if you have a certified expert by your side teaching and aiding in your growth, there are no impossibilities. With Derek James as one’s consultant, an eight-figure company could also be in your hands someday. 

To get in touch with Derek James and learn more about his programs and services designed for e-commerce success, you can message him on Instagram and his website.

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