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Elevating Artists’ Careers: Brady Horn and In8 Artist Group’s Journey to Success



Brady Horn is a talent manager and the founder of In8 Artist Group, a company dedicated to elevating the careers of musicians and helping them achieve their dreams. With a background in music management and years of experience in the industry, Brady has developed a unique approach to the business that has made him a respected thought leader and expert in his field.

Brady’s journey to success started with his unwavering passion for music and a desire to help artists break through in an industry that is notoriously difficult to navigate. He saw the potential in up-and-coming musicians and set out to help them build their careers, leveraging his network and expertise to make their visions a reality.

One of Brady’s biggest accomplishments was launching the career of NURKO, an electronic music producer. With a strategic release plan and a focus on building a brand with a compelling story line, Brady was able to sign NURKO to Astralwerks, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group and one of the most prominent electronic music labels in the industry.

Another notable achievement for Brady and In8 Artist Group is their recent work with ETC! ETC!, a rising star in the electronic music world. With upcoming collaborations with top artists such as Flosstradamus, DEORRO, JWLS (GTA), Borgore, and more, ETC! ETC! is poised for even greater success in 2023.

Despite the challenges that come with building a career in music, Brady has remained persistent and determined to make his artists’ visions come to life. He is quick to credit his success to his passion for music and his commitment to finding artists with music he believes in and a vision for their future.

Brady’s mission to help musicians succeed has earned him recognition as a thought leader in the industry, and his company, In8 Artist Group, has become a trusted partner for musicians looking to take their careers to the next level. He is often called upon to share his insights and advice with others in the business, and his story is an inspiration to anyone looking to achieve success in music management.

In the future, Brady hopes to continue to elevate the careers of his artists and sign new acts, helping them to achieve their dreams and reach their full potential. With his passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment to the industry, there is no doubt that Brady Horn and In8 Artist Group will continue to make a big impact in the world of music.

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