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Elite Empire Group’s Brandon ‘B.Lee’ Buckley on Making Things Happen



The brilliant minds behind towering corporate behemoths and majestic business empires all had to start from scratch. The thing is, success does not happen overnight. Quite the contrary, the path towards victory is a long and uphill battle. And as someone who is intimately familiar with stark beginnings and rocky start-ups, Brandon “B.Lee” Buckley of Elite Empire Group believes that grand dreams are deeply rooted in humble origins and modest ambitions. 

Having gone through his fair share of trials and tribulations, Brandon “B.Lee” Buckley knows more than anyone that anything is possible with patience and perseverance. As a matter of fact, the hardships and obstacles he encountered in the past ended up being formative experiences that shaped his formidable character and unwavering strength. Had it not been for these challenges, he would not have become the remarkable man he is today. 

Because of his exceptional works in the industry, Brandon “B.Lee” Buckley has gained recognition for being an outstanding public relations and brand manager. Born on March 2, 1990, in Indianapolis, Indiana, he used the skills he was blessed with to make a difference. As a result, he created HUB, a non-profit organization for the inner-city youth, and Elite Empire Group, a full-service entertainment company geared towards artists, models, actors, and actresses in the realm of sports and new business ventures. 

Known for being the home of critically acclaimed personalities, Elite Empire Group emerged due to Brandon Buckley’s love for entertainment and sports. Aside from elevating talent on a global scale, the company also focuses on generating business opportunities for clients and assisting them in marketing, endorsement, community outreach, charitable tie-ins, media relations, brand strategy, and many more. 

Graced by famous faces from TikTok and other social media platforms—Greg Metelus, Tatyana Joseph, Keyon Holiday, Ric Alston, Malik Gardner, Anthony Kenney, and Mar’Kel Epps—Elite Empire Group is unstoppable at its game. For CEO Brandon Buckley, the sky’s the limit. And in an interview, he shared that he got his inspiration from his father, John Buckley, who started his haircare supply business, and his grandparents, who own a soul food restaurant  called “Marble’s Southern Cookery.”

Since taking the reins of Elite Empire Group, Brandon Buckley has been charting new directions that lead clients to endless possibilities and loads of opportunities. Exhibiting an unparalleled determination, this visionary leader has been making significant strides toward the forefront of the industry. And because of his diligent efforts and groundbreaking flair, he has encouraged dreamers and go-getters to test their limits and conquer their endeavors.

According to Brandon Buckley, nothing is more rewarding than seeing others succeed. Through Elite Empire Group, he gets to accompany his clients as they reach milestones in their careers. And as he becomes a part of others’ legacy, he realizes that success is more meaningful and fulfilling when shared with deserving individuals. 

With everything he has accomplished for Elite Empire Group, Brandon “B.Lee” Buckley has proven that greatness takes time. Looking back, he is grateful that he never gave up despite all the difficulties that he had to endure. And using his previous journey, he reminds those who are struggling and hustling to keep moving forward. 

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