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‘Embrace Your Struggles to Make the Big Time’ – Huy Nguyen of AMS ColdPro



‘Embrace Your Struggles to Make the Big Time’ - Huy Nguyen of AMS ColdPro

The entrepreneurial journey is the one filled with roller coaster rides, adventure, darkness, and there’s always a reality hidden behind these elements. When the going gets tough – we question ourselves “why?” Instead, we must go back to find an answer to our “why” to ensure we don’t quit.

Some people are blessed and born into money, while for a few; the road to riches is a tough and supposedly an impossible one. However, we must remember that there are plenty of entrepreneurs who managed to touch the skies despite starting with absolutely nothing in hand. Such is the story of a young, Texas-based entrepreneur, who’s a real testament to the power of determination and entrepreneurial spirit that can be derived from his enduring will-power and hunger for growth on the part of the dedicated entrepreneur.

AMS ColdPro Founder Huy Nguyen

AMS ColdPro, a Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) business run out of Houston, Texas, is owned by Huy Nguyen. Huy Nguyen’s path to becoming an HVAC specialist began in his early 20s when he, then an Air Conditioning installer, spent four years switching from one company to another to learn something new in the HVAC industry. Huy, then in his late 20s, quickly realized he had complementary skills and fiery passion to build his own HVAC Company. In no time, Huy applied to take the State Exam for HVAC License and passed the test on the first attempt.

In 2016, he quit his job as an HVAC specialist and individually put in all his savings to launch AMS ColdPro – a company that has managed to become nationally-known and successful in the community right after its second year in the business. The HVAC Company started off by helping the individuals fix their HVAC system, and has since then eventually expanded into new parts. Since setting up his first venture in Texas in 2016, Huy recently launched his second venture – The Cargo Crew, an LLC Truck & Freight company.

While Huy’s AMS ColdPro has figured out a way to stand distinctively and lead the HVAC industry, his focus now is to educate the young aspirants who have an entrepreneurial drive within them but are hesitant to take risks. He took the intended plunge to set up AMS ColdPro and The Cargo Crew, he says, after gaining expertise while working with major industry leaders and business owners.

Huy was born in Houston, Texas, on June 27th, 1982, which also happens to be a day known as “DJ Screw Day” in the remembrance of Robert Davis, the creator of Houston Hip Hop. Huy, who soon moved to Katy, Texas, when he was 5, grew up as a shy kid in a relatively friendly community with less crime. As a son to a huge singing star and a renowned philanthropist – Thanh Tuyen – in the Vietnamese community, Huy embarked upon his journey to inspire people and continue the family legacy by constantly helping and serving people in need. Huy is married to Jaquelin Nguyen, and they are both settled in Houston Texas where he runs both his businesses.

“Most of us get caught up in worrying about failure rather than doing something. However, don’t let fear become your companion. Don’t begin or end your day instilling fear, rather, instill focus. Once you stop instilling fear and replace it by instilling focus, you will start noticing the opportunities coming your way – your half battle of becoming an entrepreneur is fought here,” says Huy from his experience. He also adds, “I’ve been lucky in business, and giving it back to the community is the least I can do. I like addressing concerns and queries when people approach me on social media. I enjoy giving them pieces of advice, and moreover, I like teaching those things that they have never learned in school. In the end, I want to be remembered as an entrepreneur they can learn and look up to.”

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