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Emerging Music Artist, Royal, Makes Waves with His Debut Single



Successfully breaking into the music industry at any time entails a lot of preparation, planning, creativity, and strategy. The very demanding and competitive music industry almost always demands so much from any aspiring artist, a reality that many have not been able to withstand in the past. For aspiring music artist Royal, however, the smooth release of his single “Be Great” this year proved to be quite an easy feat, making him one of the few rappers in the industry which can be considered the lucky ones. His debut single has generated over 83k views on YouTube and is still rising.

Born Andre Watson, Royal is a prolific songwriter and highly talented rapper. His journey to developing these skills, however, were not without any challenges. He started to take songwriting seriously while he was in middle school. As can be expected, he went through numerous trials and errors as he had no formal training whatsoever. It was his deep love for the art form that fuelled his resolve to continue despite the odds. After some time, the determined artist became more confident with his talents and finally decided to launch his professional career at the age of 24. 

“I make heartfelt, genuine music, but I also teach people how to become owners, rather than employees. I speak hope and life into the world and do it with a genuine heart,” Royal explains. 

Royal is mostly inspired by the musical stylings of Drake, Fabulous, and PartyNextDoor. His latest project, Summer on Main St., is a remarkable combination of soulful vibes that evokes positivity and joy. Working with other artists has also allowed him to work on his genuine style further. He is known to have worked with the likes of Tory Lanez, Yo Gotti, and Moneybagg Yo, to mention a few. He was also able to join several tours, including the I Am tour in 2009 and the Salute Me or Shoot Me 2 tour with Waka Flocka Flame. 

Unknown to many, Royal is also a successful businessman. He considers himself a savvy investor after generating a net worth of more than $10 million by investing in Forex trading, real estate, and a trucking company. By combining his business acumen and musical skills, there is no doubt that he will truly succeed as a music artist. 

As he continues to strike a healthy balance between his music career and business company, Royal looks forward to one day seeing his company in the Forbes Top 100 Companies list. It is his personal belief that significant growth takes time, and he is willing to wait. As for his music career, Royal envisions winning his first Grammy Award in a couple of years. At the end of the day, his greatest aspiration in life is to inspire others to pursue their dreams just as he has. Having built a successful multi-million dollar company from scratch, he hopes to serve as a beacon of light to those who aspire for a better and more comfortable life. 

Find out more about Andre “Royal” Watson by visiting his website. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram for updates on his latest projects. 

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