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Entrepreneur and Mental Health Advocate Kimberly Cloud Opens up on the Trials and Tribulations She Endured



Anyone who has lived in poverty strives to build a better life for themselves, especially if they came from some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city. Kimberly Cloud, the founder and owner of Genuinely Michelle Wigs, has endured so many trials and tribulations to become one of the most successful figures in the wig industry. 

Kimberly Cloud’s journey has been one of the most challenging that anyone has braved. For most of her life, she lived in poverty and faced many tragedies, including one within her family. When news broke out that her mother had died, Cloud was in mourning. The passing away only worsened when Cloud found out that her brother had killed her. She would later learn that her family was against her. “My sister and my brother wanted me dead,” Cloud revealed, “I knew that something was wrong with my whole family, both Brown and Cloud.”

The event proved to be traumatizing, leaving Cloud to recuperate and improve her mental health. She would relocate from Maryland to Philadelphia, hoping to start fresh. Life, on the other hand, had different ideas. Despite starting a new family away from her old one, Kimberly Cloud would suffer more when she experienced being raped.

Kimberly Cloud soon found herself homeless and resorted to taking shelter on the west side of Philadelphia, one of the worst parts of the city. She would later seek the help of the VA Hospital, but instead of finding compassion, she was mistreated. Cloud found comfort in learning that the White House was backing her up, citing the lousy standards that the hospital displayed. Following another breakdown, Cloud was approached by the FBI. Startled at first, she found out that they had been tracking her husband for keeping child pornography. 

With everything that she has faced, one would expect Cloud to yield into her depression, but she has never been one to surrender. “I make sure to reinvent myself every day and have something new on my bucket list,” Cloud revealed. She had already overcome poverty once before, pursued higher education, and embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that culminated in the birth of Blue Cloud Cleaning and Genuinely Michelle Wigs. But, without a doubt, Cloud is confident that she can do so much more.

Recently, Cloud launched another company called Wigs for Success. Her company has been pegged to merge with Dress for Success, paving the way to improving the quality of her wigs. Cloud has shared her enthusiastic outlook on this new venture as she will manage an excellent frontal laced or whole premium synthetic. Despite the many trials and tribulations that came her way, Cloud has managed to emerge a better person. 

Kimberly Cloud also has a strong and powerful voice when it comes to mental health. She hopes to utilize her life’s story and experiences as an example to reach out to the youth going through similar circumstances. 

Learn more about Kimberly Cloud and Genuinely Michelle Wigs by visiting her official website.

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