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Entrepreneur Paul Vigario and Have Developed Innovative Dental Technology for Over 12,000 Dental Practices Worldwide



Paul Vigario

People don’t often think about the sophistication and complexities of running a  modern dental practice. Or how modern dental practices should look and operate. Most dental practices use traditional practice management software, digital x rays and imaging, intraoral scanners, 3D printing, and information technology infrastructure, along with computers to display this information but most of these systems run in Silos and have to be human-driven.  How many dental practices actually are different?  How many look and operate like a modern dental practice? Designed with a purpose to deliver automation in business and workflow, to deliver success to the patients, team, and doctors via modern design and automated technology systems to help dentists run a better business while providing better patient experiences, overall outcomes, and healthier treatments.  

Paul Vigario is an entrepreneur in the dental industry. He realized early on how important it was to offer innovative technology to dental practices throughout North America and The World. After Vigario graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Computer Information Systems with a special focus on Healthcare Technology, he went on to form his own company, “” where Everything Is Connected™. is a dental information technology company that educates and supports the dental community by introducing new technologies and proven design that can make dental care experiences better for dentists and their patients. Dental technology development is changing the dental industry forever. Vigario’s goal is to offer more automated dental technology, and new dental office design options to dentists so that it is easier for them to attract and treat a larger number of patients safely while enjoying building their business and seeing fruitful practice growth.

“We support more new dental practices with their technology, patient experiences, digital workflows, and complete automation than any other company,” said Vigario. “Dentists who are serious about growing their practice will want to come to We offer the best technology, most innovative design options, digital workflows, and integrated turnkey services in the entire dental industry.”

Vigario’s company does more than provide information about the latest dental technology. It is actually responsible for implementing into a digital workflow a lot of the newest dental technologies as well. He hires the very best information technology engineers, partners with new office design experts and has a team of computer / digital workflow experts to help SurfCT create exciting new dental technology systems that the dentist can leverage for more success in private practice. After Paul Vigario shares his innovative technology ideas with his engineers, they turn his ideas into reality for the dentist to benefit.  A reality that serves and elevates thousands of dentists and patients alike.  

Vigario has over 20 years of experience in the dental technology industry. He is now a world-renowned expert in the field of dental technology. Dentists from around the globe seek his expertise in new dental office design and technology to go along with it. Any dental practice that wants to grow should request help from Paul Vigario and his company, SurfCT.

“No one understands dental technology the way we do,” said Vigario. “We have built technology for over 12,000 dental practices, and the number keeps on growing. Our dentists are really happy with the results.  When you reach these kinds of numbers you really learn some interesting things that make a big difference for dental practice growth with this kind of experience worldwide.”

“It’s not just about more technology but also about purpose, the why,” said Vigario. “If a dentist can understand the purpose, the why of their practice, then it is easier for them to understand how certain technology can help them carry out their vision as a doctor.  This is where SurfCT comes in.  All we do is design technology to work for our dentists, not the other way around.  Our why is to help dentists carry out their dreams day in and day out in an automated way.  It’s a life-changer for dentists and it’s a game-changer for their dental practices.” also creates dental technology systems that are compatible with most Apple products, such as Apple Watch, iPad, and iMacs. Since most dental practices use software which is not compatible with Apple devices, the technology by that makes it all work on a mac is a valuable asset to dentists and dental practices.  Imagine not having to change any of your current technology but having it all come together in a complete system that servers you better.   If you want to understand what’s possible in 2020 and go beyond making sure to reach out to SurfCT where Everything Is Connected™

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