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Epic Entourage, LLC Transforms Start-Up and Small Businesses Through Its Smart Marketing Approach



One of the biggest challenges that small, start-up, and minority-owned businesses encounter is usually related to finding the right marketing strategies that are not only effective but also cost-efficient. Epic Entourage, LLC seeks to pave the way for these businesses towards a more exceptional marketing experience. 

More often than not, the limelight is always on larger and more established companies or personalities whose names quickly ring a bell in the public’s ears. This reality poses more significant challenges for smaller start-up companies. Aspiring entertainment personalities new to the industry also face the same situation as these companies. It is always a struggle for the new player in the market. But with the right marketing strategies, sufficient resolution can be reached.

Established in 2015, it was initially a media platform for local business owners in the areas around Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia. , the CEO of the company, conducted interviews with business owners and entertainers to promote brand awareness. After further exploration and research, the company established a new vision. It ventured into video marketing services due to an increase in social engagement and exposure. Today, Epic Entourage, LLC looks forward to reaching a national audience.

As a multi-media production company, it provides a wide range of services such as customized video marketing, social media marketing, event planning, business event launching, and even podcasting services. These services fit well with entrepreneurs, entertainment artists, real estate professionals, companies, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and community programs. 

The company aims to provide high-quality video and film production services. Moreover, they also take matters into their own hands by conducting interviews,  creating content, and taking on management services. The company takes pride in its social media management, which includes massive marketing campaigns. Ultimately, this leads to more public engagement and social media exposure. 

Another attribute that gives the company leverage is their host and media personality, their very own CEO, Jamila Surles-Walker. Her personality fits well in her role as the bridge between the public and the clients. During interview sessions, she has her own natural and genuine way of amplifying the business and its competitive advantage. The infomercials also boost the business image. The host also takes on the role of a  brand ambassadress. 

With the aim of maximizing the use of modern technology strategies, the company also hosts virtual real estate tours and business showers. There are really no limits to this dedicated company. Epic Entourage, LLC strives to give its clients the best services possible. The company makes sure that the services are tailored-fit with the type of business and the preferences of the business owners. 

The right marketing and branding are essential in business, as this leads to high conversion rates. It is, therefore, essential to work with the right marketing company. A marketing company that truly understands the needs of the client companies is essential. Epic Entourage, LLC, consistently strives to become this company for its clients.

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