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Eric Norman’s Creativity Isn’t Self-Serving. Instead, It Became His Way of Giving Back



Creativity isn’t something that can be taught. To be creative, you’ll have to learn how to think for yourself and think outside the box. For Eric Norman, creativity comes naturally to him, and that’s how he is able to serve his clients.

Eric Norman’s purpose is to advocate growth and gratitude toward all avenues of his life and for all the people he meets. He wants to do this while creating a space for healthy connections and reaching for success with people while promoting their art and purpose.

The virtues Eric advocates for are love, growth, and gratitude. These virtues motivate his purpose and, in turn, inspire the services that he puts out. Eric extends his services to all creative people. And when he creates and provides services, he does so with the goal of attracting similar people who share his virtues in life.

He uses his experiences and the impact that comes with them, his skills, and his love for people to create art and content for the general public to benefit from. Eric enjoys producing music, videos, and graphic illustrations. Eric is a self-taught artist, and he operates on the belief that a person doesn’t need to be special in order to do something special especially when it involves other people. He takes pride in knowing that he puts out original and creative work. 

And over time, he realized that these avenues of creativity could be profitable if he played his cards right. Thus he started monetizing his talent and creativity. And through business and commissioned work, he established a consistent rate of weekly clients to do work for. And he also shares the work he does for them on his Instagram.

But more importantly, he realized that people would commit to you if you give them a reason to and if your purpose can resonate with theirs. With this in mind, Eric focused on building relationships with his followers and their works by freely creating original content to promote their brands. Ultimately, he wants his clients to know that he cares and that he will work hard for them. But he also enjoys doing the work because it is aligned with his purpose of growth and gratitude.

The primary platform Eric uses for all the things related to his services above is his Instagram. With the community that he recently launched on it, he endeavors to further the growth he created for people and make it ripple through other platforms as well. Eric wants to grow and to impact lives by sharing his excellent values.

Eric’s company, New Horizons, also promotes brand growth and follows the virtues he stands for. Recently, a colleague in the online community that he built gave him the opportunity to connect to Brazil, and now he creates content with subtitles and with him speaking in their language, as they’ve become part of his audience.

It’s undeniable how far his reach is, and he did it all by sticking with his virtues and independently creating things that benefit others.

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