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Evan Seech of Center Cross Capital Is Twenty-One and Thriving



At only 21 years old, Evan Seech has made a name for himself in the trading and investment businesses. While juggling an education from the University of South Florida, Evan is running a private investment fund with a team of skilled traders, investors, and researchers in over five industries. The investment fund, Center Cross Capital, is a reflection of Evan’s hard work, talent, and experience in the field. 

Evan began dipping his toes in the world of trading three years ago, getting his start on the business at IKNK Traders. In IKNK Traders, he found his footing in trading and met Matthew Sentes, IKNK Traders’ head moderator, who became one of Evan’s partner and colleague at Center Cross Capital. In his three years, Evan focused on day trading and saw opportunities in the rarely used trading strategy.

To gain more experience in the market, Evan ran and headed a digital marketing agency dedicated to helping small businesses and influencers widen their reach and grow their digital footprint. Running this agency helped Evan assemble a team of partners in the first quarter of 2020 and start a small private investment fund called Center Cross Capital. Center Cross Capital specializes in weathering volatile market conditions with high-frequency day trading strategies. 

Evan, armed with his knowledge of day trading, poured his brilliance into Center Cross Capital, and the fund, in its first quarter, earned returns upwards of sixty-five percent. The positive results are a testament to the effectiveness of the strategies applied by Evan and his partners. Center Cross Capital’s strategy is made to thrive in any market condition, taking advantage of the market’s volatility, by bringing in several different and unique high frequency and long term strategies to its portfolio. 

The investment fund’s main appeal is that it can survive any market condition, be it bear market, bull market, or range-bound market. Center Cross Capital is flexible enough to switch biases even overnight, given what the market provides it. Applying its new cutting edge and exponential growth strategy, the fund uses market volatility to its advantage and makes fearless but educated investments early, excelling in any condition.

Under Evan and his team, Center Cross Capital prides itself on being a business of transparency, profitability, and consistency. The private investment fund specializes in Intraday Equity Trading, for large, mid, and small capitals, Intraday Options Trading, Long Term Portfolio Construction and Active Management, Currency Trading, and Cash Flow Real Estate Deals. Center Cross Capital, built with the knowledge of more than 30 years of experience by a team of established professionals, is client-focused and has investments in several asset classes.

Evan, thriving with Center Cross Capital’s exemplary performance, is currently working hard on giving back to the trading community. Serving as a moderator on IKNK Traders, he helps teach anyone who wants to learn how to trade for themselves independently. Evan, along with his team at Center Cross Capital, is also enthusiastic about sharing the positive points of day trading with anyone who is willing to learn and has the drive to better themselves in the trading craft. 

To reach Center Cross Capital, they are available on their official website. For finding a start in the trading business, online registration at IKNK Traders is open for everyone.

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