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Every Person on the Planet Has a Divine Purpose—Finding It Starts with Alignment, Says Jeremy Griffin



You might have heard the phrase “divine purpose” thrown around here and there. It’s a term that refers to your personal life mission, one that only you can fulfill. It’s an intense passion, spark, and drive that helps your mind, body, and soul to feel in total alignment. When you have those ‘ah-ha’ moments that fill your mind up with warmth and happiness, you know you are working toward what you were meant to do on this planet.
Of course, finding a divine purpose can be easier said than done. Many people will live their entire lives without finding that purpose. Whether it’s fear of criticism, loss of a job/finances, or deep-rooted trauma that has impacted a person for the entirety of their life, they feel inadequate or unworthy of finding something so peaceful and abundant as a divine purpose. 

One transformational coach and mind, body, soul mentor, Jeremy Griffin, has found his personal divine purposehelping those who feel the calling find their purpose too. Having worked with everyone from CEOs and entrepreneurs, to doctors, relationship coaches, and yoga teachers, Griffin specializes in helping clients unearth their true calling behind all of their subconscious blockers.

“Our bodies are amazing machines, able to create  these coping mechanisms that protect us from particularly hard experiences and memories,” said Griffin. “The problem is that this same mechanism can contribute to a deeply ingrained negative belief system deep inside our subconscious, which can prevent us from really getting to know ourselves. When we disconnect from ourselves, we become unhappy, depressed, anxious, and lethargic. It doesn’t have to be that way.”

The State of Alignment

Griffin went on to state that our bodies are more than just physical skin and organs. They contain an emotional/mental component, and a soul. Together, our mind, body, and soul connection needs to be aligned if we want to truly explore our higher calling. When one of these components is shut down or inaccessible, it can throw the rest of our lives off.

Therefore, Griffin administers a proprietary transformation approach in which he helps his students release and rewire each part of their internal and external self to reach true alignment. It starts by removing blocks, old stories, an d self-sabotaging patterns that are purposely thwarting us from reaching our ultimate potential.

“Fear of getting to know oneself can lead to internal blocks that cut us off from our truth,” said Griffin. “Many times, removing these blocks is quicker and easier than people might think. They just need a trained objective perspective to expand awareness on things we can’t always see while embarking on our healing journey. This is why I created the conscious community that I manage today—everyone deserves to get to experience their divine purpose.”

Griffin has helped growth-oriented individuals become the natural leaders they were always meant to be. He has helped them shift their mindsets into that of purposeful, conscious creation, rooted in positivity. It all starts with the decision to explore the subconscious and make the necessary changes.

As Griffin likes to say, he’s an “aligned entrepreneur who takes a conscious approach to business and subconscious reprogramming.”

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