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Everything You Need to Know About the Blue World Trade Center



Blue World Trade Center

Do you own a trading company and want to find the best trade centre? If so, your search has come to an end with the Blue World Trade Center. Previously, the country lacked a trade Centre. As a result, the Blue World City developers have decided to construct Pakistan’s largest trade Centre, which will alter the dynamics of the real estate market. Do you want to learn more about this project? Let’s go over this article in depth.

Blue World Trade Center

It is the first trading and property exchange skyscraper with all of the necessary facilities and amenities for effective business. The skyscraper’s amenities made doing business easier and more efficient. The Blue World Trade Center is also conveniently located, making it the most sought-after business location in the Twin Cities. This project’s development is critical for real estate brands and businesses.

Furthermore, people looking for real estate consultation can think about investing in these projects. The trade centre is likely to become the country’s commercial hub. It will benefit both business commitment and entertainment tenacity. The owners intend to construct entertainment facilities as well, so that the trade centre can serve multiple functions.

Highlights of the Location

The location of the project is the first thing you should be aware of. The location of the Blue World Trade Center will be important in investors’ land decisions. When investors consider investing in a project, they frequently consider the project’s pros and cons. As a result, the location of the BWTC is critical. It is easily accessible from the Grand Trunk Road and other convenient locations in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The Blue World Trade Center will be built near the DHA and Bahria Town Islamabad, according to the developers. The location is easily accessible from major landmarks and all major localities. The trade centre is gaining prominence in the country as a result of its easy access from almost all major venues and spaces.

Developers of Trade Center

Following the location, the next question is: who are the developers of this fantastic project? For your information, Blue World Trade Center Developers are none other than the Blue Group of Companies, who are taking this project very seriously. Following the development of Blue World City, they began to develop BWTC in order to promote real estate and trading within the country.

Developers are well-known dealers in the county who have held top positions in the real estate industry. Saad Nazir, the most trustworthy and hardworking individual, is the company’s owner. Furthermore, he has hired the best Chinese developers to build the trade center’s architecture in accordance with international standards.

Blue World Trade Center NOC

The legal status of the project in which the investors are investing is one of their primary concerns. The legal status of the project is important because it demonstrates that the authorities have approved all development and construction work in society. As a result, investors can be confident that they are investing in the right project when it comes to the Blue World Trade Center NOC.

Their investments in the project are risk-free. The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) approved the Blue World Trade Center because it is the regulatory authority that issues the No Objection Certificate.

Important Characteristics

What factors will you consider if you are an investor thinking about investing in a housing project? Many factors will be considered, including the location of the housing society, project developers, NOC status, payment and instalment plans, and facilities and amenities. As a result, it would be unfair if we did not consider the project’s key features and amenities.

As a result, the blue world trade centre amenities are as follows:

Twin Towers Model

The Blue World Trade Center is a fantastic project built with cutting-edge technology and international standards. The most notable feature of the trade centre will be its replication of the Petronas Twin Towers. Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur have the original. These towers were the tallest from 1998 to 2004, according to the council’s classification and official Tall Structures standards.

The tower will be a 27-story structure with parking reservations in the basement of a 3-story structure. Commercial firms and offices will occupy the remaining 23 floors. A skywalk will be built between the towers, which will be connected by a bridge. Furthermore, the Blue World City’s headquarters are located on the second floor of the trade centre.

Shopping Centers

Shopping is many people’s most important task, and they enjoy doing it. As a result, the developers must ensure that the trade centre includes a shopping mall with all of the brands. Furthermore, the Blue World Trade Center shopping mall will be the premier shopping destination in the Twin Cities.

Car Parking Separate

There will be dedicated parking in the trade centre to assist investors, employees, and anyone who visits the centre as a guest appearance. In the vicinity of the parking garage, two basements are set aside for special purposes.

Corporate Headquarters

The last but not least important aspect of the BWTC is that it will have corporate offices. These corporate offices will aid in the promotion of trade in the country.

Last Thought

To summarise, Blue World Trade Center has all of the facilities and amenities that a successful business and trading require. We have discussed all of the important details of the project so that you can thoroughly read it and make an informed decision. Furthermore, the Blue World City developers want to make this project a destination for everyone.