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Everything you’ve Always Wanted to know about Ruby(Manak) stone



Ruby(Manak) stone

Ruby (Manak) stone is the birthstone of the people born in July Month. It is one of the three precious gemstones that take the first three slots; example, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire. People buy original Ruby stone because of its protective abilities. The stone is said to protect the wearer’s both health and wealth and enhances the productivity. Let’s take a look at all the must-knows of the Ruby Gemstone.

Ruby stone origin – where it is found

According to American Gem Trade Association, the Manak stoneor Ruby has its origin in India. It has been believed that India is where the stone was first found some thousands of years ago. Since its finding, the stone has been popular among royalties and was included in kingly jewels.

Other countries where the Ruby gemstone is popularly found are –Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. The Ruby is also found in south east nations like Burma (Myanmar), and Thailand. African ruby stone is considered quite rare and is as good as the Burmese Ruby in quality, rarity and value. Thailand ruby stone is also quite in demand among the stone collectors.

Benefits of the Ruby stone

Ruby stone is magnificent in appearance. Its dark red and pink color varieties are quite popular. Besides a good physical appearance, this stone is said to have amazing healing properties.

a.    Promotes alertness: Those people who exhibit poor concentration and dullness are asked to wear ruby to enhance their focus and alertness.
b.    Improves eye sight and circulation: Ruby stone is quite useful for improving eye sight and maintaining healthy circulation. 
c.    Helps in career and overall health: Those seeking an employment in government spheres, health, politics, etc. also meet their objectives when they wear Ruby. It augments the efforts made to achieve a successful career in these fields.
d.    Improves memory: According to some physical myths, Ruby regulates the functioning of heart, brain and improves memory. Some healers in the thirteenth century used ruby powder to cure liver diseases. In the later centuries, the natural Ruby stones helped maintain youth and vigor.
e.    Enhances confidence: Some people are bolder than others. Those who suffer a lot from poor confidence levels, or have issues with mixing up with other people are advised wearing Ruby stone. Though there is no scientific evidence collected, the impact is the only criterion of accepting this fact.
f.    Boosts motivation: Whenever you want to feel driven, or want to stay ahead of others in meeting your goals, you can wear ruby as a remedy to beatthe obstacles. The wearers of Ruby stone feel more courageous and find a positive change in their leadership qualities.

How to select Ruby for buying original stone

Though it is evident that to buy Ruby original stone the buyer needs to have a considerable knowledge, the origin of the stone also matters. Burmese rubies have a distinct red color and it goes on a purplish side in African varieties. If you are out to select Ruby stone at reasonable price, you have to consider the following factors.
Color of the ruby stone

The original ruby stone is found in varieties of red color. It should be inclusion-free if you are looking for a high variety ruby. There are three varieties of rubies based on color:

a.    Pinkish red rubies: It is also called rose color ruby or deep magenta ruby. The stone is primarily red, but it may have pinkish tint in some cases. 
b.    Red rubies: This ruby is dominantly or entirely red. There are no overtones of any other shade. These rubies can be pink, light red or dark red in color. You can select the red ruby based on the fluorescence it exudes. The fluorescence is due to the presence of chromium and in some cases, iron. 
c.    Purplish red ruby: Purplish variety of ruby is obtained when the chromium is there in its structural matrix. The chromium imparts it purple overtone.

Cut of the ruby stone

Natural rubies are mostly hexagonal and are distinctly elongated. The jewelsmith studies the stone thoroughly first and then cuts it so as to get the maximum shine. The usual cuts in which ruby is found are cushion, round, oval, heart-shaped, and even pear-shaped or drop-shaped. The cushion cut looks the most marvelous and fetches big amount to the seller.

Clarity of the ruby stone

In wholesale ruby stone, there should never be inclusions. The drop of metals, particles of other crystals or small fibers are the common inclusions which you have to watch out while buying the original ruby stone.
Ruby’s price

Though the Ruby is one of the most precious gemstones, it is still more affordable than the diamonds. These are less dense than diamond and are placed at 8.0 points on the Moh’s hardness scale. Diamond scores 9.0 in the hardness factor. 

To sum up,

Ruby is a thing to yearn for owing to its looks and precious status. It is rare in occurrence and a very few places in the world have the deposits of natural ruby. Original ruby price may be very high, so look for the inclusions, because those with inclusions are not considered good and don’t deserve