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Face Recognition Attendance System & Its Applications



Face Recognition Attendance

The face recognition attendance system is now a popular tracking method across all major sectors. It has become one of the most convenient means of tracking attendance in every industry. The system also saves time and money for companies as it detects and monitors individuals in real time, eliminating the need for paper reports.

What is a face recognition attendance system?

The face recognition biometric attendance system can be designed to read the unchanging, unique features of a face to identify the person, while an attendance management system tracks, manages, and analyzes the attendance of a person. The employee or student needs to show his face to the camera of the attendance management system.

Benefits of facial recognition attendance system

Face recognition biometric attendance system provides accurate and secure employee identification in real-time, allowing field workers to mark attendance from anywhere. It enables geofencing so that the authorized staff can mark attendance only when inside the premises. The contactless feature minimizes the spread of pathogens by eliminating keypads, RFID cards and punching mechanisms. This technology also integrates with the payroll system without taking extra space for camera installation for infrastructure. 

Sectors where the face recognition attendance system brings true change

Recognition biometrics has a range of applications from non-public access environments like insurance and legal industries, to public sites like airports and sports stadiums. Although facial recognition technology has been around for many years, its use is becoming more widespread and varied as businesses seek new ways to enhance the customer experience while increasing their operational efficiency.

Healthcare Sector

The facial recognition biometric attendance system is an innovative technology that can automatically and constantly identify a person’s complete facial features, thus making it easier for them to get their jobs done. It enables medical staff to authenticate themselves in any environment where it may be difficult to see their faces, such as a mask-wearing patient in an ICU!

Manufacturing Sector

We can use facial recognition technology to solve the attendance problems of factories. No more going to your section office and marking your attendance, it will be automatically marked when you enter the factory gate. Even if the camera is placed in direct sunlight, it will function flawlessly. In addition, it can track the work time, and in-out, and detect any intruders in the facility while everyone is working.

Public, Private & Government Sector

Facial recognition attendance trackers can be implemented at the office doors or integrated into employees’ phones or laptops via cloud service. For example, the revenue officials doing survey activity don’t need to go to the office to mark their attendance; instead, they can mark and report from the field. Same for the employees going for on-field work in the private sector. According to price, Kent cam Attendance Punching Machine Price is the best suitable price for Public, Private & Government Sector.

Education Sector

Facial recognition technology is rapidly becoming an important part of office life. An educational institution would be one of the higher throughput attendance management applications. A single class contains up to 60 students. Attendance marking in the morning and afternoon is a time-consuming task for such a large class is a time-consuming task that wastes teaching hours.

On the other hand, facial recognition cameras installed at the entrance of each class can automatically register the attendance of both students and teachers. In addition, facial recognition can be employed for canteen management and the disbursement of scholarships.