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Find Out How to Create the Ideal Checkout for Your e-Commerce



Find Out How to Create the Ideal Checkout for Your e-Commerce

Do you know what checkout is? To begin, we need to introduce this term. The checkout is the moment when the customer finalizes the purchase, that is, he performs his registration, calculates the freight value with the product, and chooses his payment method.

But, why should we talk about checkout? because your checkout procedure is lame. Did you know that more than half of sales are lost at this point? Therefore, it is necessary to know what happens during checkout to be successful when making sales.

For a visible result, know that about 50% to 70% of sales from e-commerce are lost in this procedure. What drives consumers to rethink their purchase decision so close to finalizing their purchase? We will point out below the main motivations for the purchase not to be finalized. Stay with us!

First of all, it is important to make it clear that there is no ready recipe that, if followed step by step, will define the reason for abandonment and prevent it from happening any more. However, there are ways to make the consumer journey more attractive and simple. Understand some reasons that, according to the research carried out by the Baymard Institute, lead consumers to give up the purchase at the time of checkout.

Very high extra costs: when arriving at the final stage of purchase, the consumer is surprised to find high freight rates, charges to speed up the shipping process, among other reasons. About 61% of users drop out at this point.

Obligation to create an account: many consumers do not feel comfortable creating an account providing different data to buy a product or do not trust to provide their personal data on the internet. This condition of purchase through the mandatory registration makes 35% of consumers abandon the shopping cart.

Process checkout too long/complicated: the checkout sometimes requires customer contact information, personal information, payment information, if credit card information on the card, creating login access to the account, and others. The purchase extension process causes 27% of consumers to get tired and leave the site.

Provision of data: it is common for users to use credit cards to make the payment, however, some stores appear as unsecured making the consumer think twice before purchasing a product. About 18% of users end up giving up making the purchase during checkout because they do not trust passing on their credit card information.

Time of change!

Fortunately, it is possible to solve the problems mentioned above with some practices that must be performed by the entrepreneur before the registration process, to make the customer experience more pleasant.

Write down some tips separated to make your checkout more attractive to users!

How to create the ideal checkout?

As was shown in the survey, 35% of users give up making the purchase when creating a login is required. Having registered users in your store is a great way to keep in touch with potential customers ( leads ), however it should not be the priority.

As much as the intention in collecting data from customers is to provide a better experience and create a bond between the buyer and his virtual store, it is extremely important that the process is pleasant for the user. Here’s how to make this process more natural and engaging!

Allow the choice

During the purchase offer the user the opportunity to create a login, but do it spontaneously, do not demand ! Just ask for an email address to make contact until delivery and offering users good experiences in this process.

Sending the product in well-made packaging and meeting delivery deadlines will make the consumer when thinking about making a new purchase, remember your store as a reference, and return to you.

Offer benefits in favor of the registration

A tip to attract the user to perform the login is the offer of discounts on the next purchase or the exemption of the freight when registering in your store and buying through the created account.

See that by offering the discount you are providing an advantage to the lead in being part of the registration of your virtual store and not restricting the purchase of the product. In general, consumers tend to associate online shopping with speed and simplicity, don’t let your leads down and see the signup option as an upgrade.

Login via social networks

The registration and itself is not the problem for many users, what causes discomfort is the delay in completing it. Providing the option to login through social networks is common, advantageous, and preferable by consumers.

Nowadays it is common for users to be registered by an email account on their computers and smartphones or to keep their cell phones logged into any social network. The option to register automatically allows quick and easy access, giving the sensation of agility and not creating fear on the part of users.

Avoid using too many pages

The checkout should not cause the user to be redirected to several pages, this may discourage you during the process and your internet connection may also not help. Create a simple process that can be done on a single page with objective fields.

Within the login, provide the option to change the customer’s registration data. So, if he feels comfortable, he will fill in the other data you want to know naturally and without obligation.

Have a good e-commerce platform

Even if you follow all the previous tips, your checkout can be compromised by system failures. Do not let this happen! There are several systems and platforms available for creating a virtual store.


When purchasing this service, choose the one that best suits your company and that has the stability to support a large flow of visits to your e-commerce. Don’t lose your sale in the final process.

Improve your store’s checkout by following all the previous steps and watch the number of registrations in your online store grow along with your final sales.

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