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Five Social Media Hacks with Junior Chia



Junior Chia is a prominent figure in Phuket, Thailand. He helped put Phuket on the map by promoting it all over social media. He runs an online social media marketing agency, which gives him the unprecedented authority on the matter. His primary goal was to help Phuket gain valuable exposure through constant social media promotion. It worked wonders for the people, and the businesses in Phuket gaining traction online boosted the tourism numbers and helped the businesses thrive. Which begs the question, how exactly did Junior Chia pull this off?

Luckily, the man himself shares the answers to that question. Chia puts the answer concisely into five key things. These were the important steps he took into pulling off a huge success when it came to bridging Phuket to the rest of the world with social media. Chia dubs these “Five Social Media Hacks” to be the most efficient way to operate in social media marketing. 

First and foremost, the most important part of starting a marketing campaign is planning. One surefire way to always pull through with your plans is by setting clear timeframes. Setting clear timeframes allows for everyone involved in the campaign to be fully aware of the entire campaign sequence. A great way to do this is through a checklist that should be monitored within certain increments of time.

The second hack would be to avoid rushing into the campaign. Once the planning is in place, it’s always important to do market research beforehand. This may seem like common knowledge, but this step is often overlooked by many marketing campaigns causing them to horribly fail.

The third piece of advice would be to create a visually attractive campaign. A treat for the eyes and a treat for the senses will always be appreciated by a wider audience. Capture clients by offering a cohesive visual experience that won’t go over their heads. Catch their attention and keep their interest.

The fourth hack would be to build communities. A very clever marketing trick is to build a community surrounding the campaign. Communities are often loyal to their beliefs, and they usually come in large numbers. Fostering a community will allow for a wider reach of clients with a good staying power due to their loyalty. Communities are also great for the clients since they will enjoy the campaign much more with people that they are close to.

Last but not the least, would be to narrow your target. Casting a wide net without getting much attention would be a safe choice, but more often than not, it will always end up with a relatively lower success rate than narrowing your targets. By narrowing your targets, you ensure that the people that will engage with your content are people that are interested. More interest means a much bigger likelihood of conversion, which is what any social media marketer should aim for.

With Junior Chia’s vast experience and knowledge in social media marketing, these five hacks are just the tip of the iceberg. However, these valuable tips and tricks have helped him a lot in his promotions. So he imparts this knowledge for everyone to use, hoping that it’ll make a positive influence on the world at large.

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