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Focusing on the Emotional Side of Financial Education With Fiat Wealth Management



Fiat Wealth Management is providing people with the understanding they need to enjoy their retirement instead of focusing solely on their account balance.

Providing People With the Financial Advice They Need to Enjoy Their Retirements

Fiat Wealth Management has been providing financial advice to a wide variety of clients in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota since 2009. Within the past two years, they have expanded their services across the entire country. Its two founders, Brad Gotto and Matt Stahl, have found that retirement is among the most common concerns that their clients have. However, they also believe that many of these clients don’t necessarily have their priorities quite in order.

That’s why much of their advice focuses on providing the essential financial education that present or soon-to-be retirees need to better contextualize their saving and spending habits. Before this helpful advice from Gotto and Stahl, many of their clients worry excessively over their savings, no matter how substantial they might be.

The Careful Savers Who Need to Learn How to Spend

Part of what Fiat Wealth Management does to help these people is through what they call “teaching them how to spend.” Many of their clients have spent decades with their sole financial aim being to amass the largest possible savings for retirement.

While there is no question that prudent and effective saving is essential to a fruitful retirement, they are missing parts of the bigger picture. A balance can be found between careful saving and enjoying what they already have.

Gotto and Stahl often encourage their clients to consider what their actual intentions for their retirement are. In many cases, their current savings are already enough or even beyond enough to realize their goals.

They also find that the extent to which their clients worry about their savings typically has little to do with their actual situation. Those with plenty of savings, more than any reasonable lifestyle could require, are often among the most concerned for their future financial picture. 

Instead of focusing on the optimal strategy for income, savings, and taxes, these people could be sharing their wealth with their children, supporting causes important in their own eyes, or otherwise living their lives to the fullest.

That isn’t to say that the technical side of things isn’t an essential part of what Gotto and Stahl do as fee-only fiduciary advisors. Optimizing financial plans for today, five years, ten years, and even further towards the horizon is crucial to retirement planning.

The point that Fiat Wealth Management emphasizes for its clients is to find the balance that’s going to work for each one of these points.

Changing the Way Their Clients Approach Retirement

Conventional financial advice has an incredibly strong focus on accumulation, without any real attention paid to what those accumulated funds are going to be used for when the time comes.

Fiat Wealth Management provides people with the essential financial advice they need to plan for retirement, along with the education and understanding they need to enjoy it. Anyone interested in their financial management services can reach out to Fiat Wealth Management for a complimentary visit.

Advisory services are offered through Foundations Investment Advisors, LLC, a SEC registered investment adviser.

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