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Former Educator Helps Thousands Create Digital Products Amid the Pandemic



Unemployment rates and business closures rose to record highs in 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic put the whole world on pause. Yet even as jobs and businesses dissipated in the crisis, one company, Savvy Solutions Consulting, continued to shine its light by helping thousands of women build digital businesses and thrive in these unprecedented times. 

The company’s founder, Shadé Y. Adu, is a marketing and branding specialist with years of proven experience in the field. An award-winning digital brand strategist, bestselling author, and a highly-sought-after speaker, Shadé has an insatiable passion for people and helping them succeed. Amid one of the worst economic downturns of the century, the entrepreneur put her genius to work and developed a program that helped women and entrepreneurs turn their digital presence into profitable businesses, providing livelihood to many others and starting a chain of success for multitudes. 

Shadé focuses on helping people build the three “I’s” to a better life: income, influence, and impact. Whether she’s working with an individual or a business, she provides every tool in her arsenal to ensure that clients get the best results possible.

Shadé and her company, Savvy Solutions Consulting, has appeared on various publications and shows, including Hello Beautiful, Black Enterprise, The Network Journal, and The Rachael Ray Show. The digital brand expert has also spoken before mixed crowds in various countries, such as Kazakhstan, Ghana, and the United States. She has spoken in many events and workshops across multiple universities, high schools, and institutions.

When she first began six years ago, Shadé Y. Adu had no plans of becoming an entrepreneur. She started as an international educator in the Republic of Kazakhstan, wanting to impact other people’s lives. She would soon realize how business was the best way to achieve that. With that epiphany, the educator shifted and started studying and practicing digital brand strategy, social media marketing, and course creation. She built up a robust online presence and started creating a platform to inspire women and others to create wealth from anywhere in the world. 

Savvy Solutions Consulting provides an array of services for different types of people. The company provides one-on-one coaching sessions with up to five entrepreneurs every quarter for those who need more attention and guidance. The company also runs group coaching programs and offers an array of online courses that teach the basic rudiments of branding, social media marketing, content creation, course crafting, and digital business. Shadé also runs “Greatness Academy,” her online portal for branding education, which has served high-performance digital courses to people everywhere. Some of her top courses include “Digital Product Retreat,” “Build Brand Bank Summit,” “Livestream For Profit,” “Listbuilding Made Easy,” “Content Creation Blueprint,” and “Momentum May,” to name a few. 

Apart from running Savvy Solutions Consulting full-time, Shadé Y. Adu is also a doctoral candidate who maintains the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship. When asked about what has made her successful, she humbly attributes her greatness to great mentors and spiritual favor. Shadé hopes to pay that grace forward by inspiring positive change in the world through her knowledge and expertise. 

To learn more about Savvy Solutions Consulting and Shadé Y. Adu, visit their website, Instagram account, and LinkedIn profile.

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