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Four Advantages of Communication Platform as a Service



Four Advantages of Communication Platform as a Service

The world of communication technologies is changing at a rapid pace. The way new technologies are making their ways into the industries is highly praiseworthy. By each passing day, new services/technologies are popping up. 

CPaaS or Communication Platform as a Service is one of the latest additions. This is a type of cloud-based services that allows a developer the freedom to embed various real-time communication solutions in their existing IT infrastructure. It works so swiftly that the existing back-end infrastructure doesn’t get affected at all.  

With the right kind of service, you can easily unlock the whole possibilities of your voice, video, SMS, and other communication tools. 

The best part is that it does all of this and many more without asking any substantial investment and can serve all kinds of internal communication needs. All of these benefits of CPaaS are just the tip of the iceberg. The rest is remaining. 

Customer experience like never before 

One of the major concerns that keep bothering businesses of all sorts is offering impeccable customer experience. However, there are many hurdles in the process. When we talk about offering great customer experience, the mention of all-inclusive communication strategies tops the list. 

CPaaS has emerged as one of the essential resources at this front by reducing fragmentation throughout the customer journey. If you are thinking about how it will happen, then here is the answer. With every CPaaS solution, you get API. These APIs help you get deeper integration into your existing communication capabilities. 

By using flexible API technology, it combines video, voice, and text into the existing communication processes. From chatbots to IVR, you can create various customer-facing applications. The simplest example of this is the click-to-call facility. You can also use it with your virtual phone number and implement self-service strategies as well. 

It has become a hit in enterprise-level businesses where few sets of customers need specific customer service. For example, if you are an IT giant where few clients are from overseas and demand assistance in different time zone. 

With CPaaS, you can create a dedicated SMS/call platform that will work as per the time zone of your overseas client. 

No more adjustments

With pre-built communication solutions, it’s the business that has to make adjustments. You have to build your communication infrastructure as per the facilities offered. But, these adjustments come to stand still with Communication as a Platform. 

As you will have all the resources to build custom, you don’t have to make adjustments. This makes a huge difference in the long run. 

Improved sales and better tracking 

Sales and marketing are two things that consume that a major chunk of your investments. After spending so much money on these two things, you can’t leave them just like that. You have to keep an eye on them and find ways to improve their output. 

For example, if you are a healthcare sector that needs to ensure more and more people should turn out in your free health camp, then use CPaaS. With this facility, you can create a dedicated SMS strategy. You can send automated messages about the camp details, appointments, and track the response rate. 

A quick case study on CPaaS 

We admit that CPaaS is not into that much limelight and will take time to come into the mainstream. But, a handful of organizations at the global level have already started using this cut-above facility and are enjoying the communication abilities that were never imagined before. 

Take the example of Emmi Group. This is the largest dairy producer in Switzerland. While rendering services across Switzerland, personalized customer experience always remained the frits priority of this group. 

However, pre-made communication solutions were failed to help them at various levels. Then this group shifted to CPaaS. With its flexible API, they were able to integrate email service into their existing digital marketing platform.  

This small chance was able to fetch the remarkable 31% jump in their customer traffic. Increased customer traffic then enforced better sales opportunities and a higher conversation ratio. They were able to witness the 3 times more sales by making this small change. 

And Emmi is not alone. Various other organizations have witnessed such kinds of increased communication abilities, improved sales figures, and better customer reach. 

Before we wrap up 

Though CPaaS is still in its infancy stage, and not many people are aware of its true potential, it has all the capabilities to empower a business’s communication ability. By offering you flexible API, it gives you the freedom to design solutions that are in line with your needs. There are no adjustments, but only to-the-point assistance. 

In this way, you have the best possibilities to meet your customers’ expectations and grow without any hurdles.