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Frankly Weaves & Extensions Keeps Crowns Shining and in Place



Every woman is a queen in her own right. Whether it be at work, at home, or in little ways, women have been prime movers and shakers of the world. Ensuring that crowns don’t topple off in one of those shakes, hair company Frankly Weaves & Extensions is committed to providing dazzling, custom-made wigs perfect as a crowning glory.
Frankly Weaves & Extensions is a Brooklyn-based luxury hair company that focuses on wigs, extensions, lashes, and accessories. With its owner, the admired entrepreneur Cynthia Dietz, at the helm, Frankly Weaves & Extensions has remained at the top of the list for hair-related services in the area.

Since its establishment, the luxury hair company has gained a reputation for exceptional conduct and an extensive list of satisfied clients. What makes Frankly Weaves & Extensions genuinely shine, however, is not the brilliant branding but the heart that spurred it into success.

“I started this company so I can expand my reach to help women suffering from alopecia,” Cynthia shares. “I want to help women feel beautiful again and unashamed of experiencing hair loss.”

Wig Specialist Cynthia Dietz herself was on the dark end of the spectrum for a while. Losing her hair at a young age, she had to handle deteriorating self-esteem and, with guts and faith in herself, had to rebuild her confidence brick by brick.

“I decided to make it my mission to learn and study more about hair so I could help myself and help others.”

The inspirational entrepreneur then hit the books and did as much research as possible before launching her company. With over ten successful years in the industry and as the beauty industry’s certified “jack of all trades,” the licensed cosmetologist, wig artist, extensions specialist, makeup artist, and tattoo artist Cynthia Dietz built Frankly Weaves & Extensions.

Her luxury hair company finally in place, the celebrated ‘Jack of All Trades’ set forth on her mission and started creating high-quality wigs fit for royalty.

Determined to see things through and put a smile on each client’s face, Cynthia designed Frankly Weaves & Extensions as a home for protective styles, wigs, and extensions. Using her vast knowledge in piecing together wonderful creations suited for each individual, Cynthia Dietz’s hair company caters to and accommodates a diverse clientele.

Despite the different individuals she encounters, the lauded entrepreneur easily breaks down walls. Her experience with alopecia allows her to form an unbreakable trust with powerful women in search of a crown.

On Frankly Weaves & Extensions, Cynthia offers handmade and glueless custom-made wigs. Among the crowns that the luxury hair company has available are high-quality synthetic wigs, stimulus wigs, bob wigs, and glueless wigs – all made from virgin and authentic human hair.

Hosting an excellent variety of options to choose from and an emphatic beauty expert at the heart of it, it is no wonder that Frankly Weaves & Extensions has been drowning in positive reviews since its establishment.
With Cynthia Dietz steering the wheel, the luxury hair company can only expand its reach and crown more queens worldwide.
Get in touch with Cynthia Dietz and witness as she keeps crowns in place for every powerful woman off to change the world. Visit her luxury hair company Frankly Weaves & Extensions on Instagram or its official website.