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Frantisek Hrinkanic Shares the Top 3 Differences between Stock Investment and Crypto Investment



“Investing in tokens isn’t the same as investing in stocks. Stocks are approved and audited by government agencies and have to abide by certain regulations, unlike the ‘rebellious tech’ cryptocurrencies,” says Frantisek Hrinkanic, the crypto mentor.

The process of converting digits into money is no lingo, it needs eagerness and courage to attain prowess in the emerging industry. Even if you’re a veteran stock investor, you need to draw a thin line between stocks and crypto. In this case, the newbies could make quick moves only with the right guidance by an expert in this field. If you are looking forward to exploring the phenomenal world of cryptocurrencies, sigh! CryptoTips Academy will get it done for you.

Here are the key differences between stock investment and crypto investment.


Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are new and constantly evolving technologies. Oftentimes, new things bring new hopes, new confusions, new opportunities, and a whole new world. A swing of 20-30% in the value of digital currencies in a course of days is a normal event. If the values of the digital coins skyrocket today, it will be absolutely normal if the values plummet the next week and follow a flat-edged curve the whole month. The contrary also holds true. The only thing which can make a difference is your research. So pull up your armor and do your research.


The graph of the value of the coins always has a surprise for you. Unlike the stock market, cryptocurrencies are prone to sudden crashes. This is indeed an overwhelming difference between stock investment and crypto investment.

The stock market’s peaks and valleys are more predictable and can be easily calculated with some basic stock math. Unlike the stock market, the values of the digital currencies are apparently equivalent to the hype created around them. In stock investment, the investors can predict the loss they might face whenever the stock goes down. But the wildly unpredictable nature of crypto doesn’t advise you to wait for things to go normal. 


The stock market is securely regulated and audited. This creates a firewall against fraudsters. You have the sole ownership of your money invested, which is completely safe under all the regulations. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are decentralized and unregularized. This gives a clear path to the hackers while making the digital tokens extremely vulnerable to hacks and bugs.

The vulnerabilities should not scare you; instead, they should constantly remind you to play safe. If you wish to invest in cryptocurrencies but you feel you’re not ready enough, reach out to Frantisek Hrinkanic, who can guide you from the scratch.

Finally, greater risks bring greater rewards. Remember the proportionality rule which says the higher the risk, the greater the return; the lower the risk, the smaller the return. This rule will always help you visualize a bigger picture and reap substantial returns for you.

CryptoTips Academy is a consultancy company in the field of cryptocurrencies. If you’re seeking a mentor in this field, Frantisek Hrinkanic is your go-to person.


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