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From Bank Employee to 8-Figure Business



From Bank Employee to 8-Figure Business

Shaun Francis is an accomplished management leader with a proven track record of achieving and exceeding sales and team goals consistently in all markets. He grew a team of 18 brokers out of 3 individuals. Every one of them is now doing great in their field. Shaun has an outstanding listening, verbal communication, and interpersonal skills to lead the team through growth.   

After finishing MBA Shaun wanted to transition to a new role and new opportunities. Shaun believed it is best to put the designation in use which he acquired. Otherwise, what was the meaning of acquiring it if you did not intend to use it to your advantage? The company in which Shaun landed did not turn out to be his final destination. But it was not a waste at all. With new places come new opportunities, you go out of your comfort zone to try out new things and meet new people who appreciated fresh and different perspectives. After this experience, he became self-employed which gave him a fresh start and build his confidence. It was not a smooth ride but after a lot of hard work, results were pleasing.

  • Shaun co-founded Bespoke Lending and brought ethics and passion for the mortgage brokering industry to the team.   
  • Shaun provides customized mortgage solutions according to their needs.
  • Shaun assists with purchases, mortgage renewals, pre-approvals, refinances, switches, equity take-outs, and yearly financial reviews as part of my service and commitment to his clients.  

Shaun has 14+ years of experience in financial services. He has the experience, relationships, and education to anticipate your every need and earn your trust and provide peace of mind. The solutions he can provide can range from debt management, interest savings options, cash flow enhancement, and tax planning considerations.



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