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From Breakdowns to Breakthroughs: How Ché LaRhue Came up With ‘The Bored Games’



Ché LaRhue

When we are thrown into a pit of fiery trials, we can either make a victim out of ourselves or make opportunities to get us out of it. So when Sharee was presented with a series of setbacks, she refused to become a victim. Instead, she made it an opportunity to strengthen herself. 

Sharee Jones, a notable serial entrepreneur as well as a sought-after master coach, has had her fair share of financial struggles. To channel the survivor in her, she tapped into her writing skills and came up with her first work, “A Diva’s Guide to Surviving a Recession.” The book is a reflection of her journey in overcoming life’s hard blows and is geared towards those who are looking for a silver lining. And having resonated with a lot of people, “A Diva’s Guide to Surviving a Recession” will now be adapted into a short film for Amazon and will be produced by BPG Film and Television. 

Following the success of her debut literary work, Sharee has also written other published books under the pen name of Ché LaRhue. These include “Anne Can! 123,” a children’s books series, and “How I Got Here,” which is both a memoir and a self-help piece. In addition, she has gained recognition for some of her profound works such as “The Nice Nice Book” and “Bully Me, Bully Me Not.” 

Enriching readers worldwide with her passion and eloquence, Ché proved to be unstoppable at what she does best – unleashing her creativity. But what appeared to be a seamless flow of ideas came to a halt when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. And in only a matter of months, the global crisis took over the normalcy of everyone’s life. 

Staying indoors and embracing the quarantine life, Ché started losing interest in things that used to set her soul on fire. And as boredom crept in, she could no longer bring herself to do mundane tasks like editing her works and staying on top of her freelance writing job.

To get out of the rut, Ché tried to keep herself preoccupied with hosting her Airbnb comedy workshop. But as soon as she realized that being busy no longer worked, a bolt of inspiration struck her. And at this moment, she took it upon herself to create a platform that encourages people to enjoy and to interact with one another using their phones and the world wide web. 

Breathing life into her ideal platform, Ché came up with ‘The Bored Games’ series and an app that is bound for release this summer. The game series instantly became a hit since it was the perfect avenue for people to get their much-needed dose of entertainment. But more than bringing the elements of fun and excitement, The Bored Games also serves as an instrument of forming new friendships and meeting like-minded people. 

With her innovative creation, Ché LaRhue made a breakthrough during the unlikeliest of times. And what she thought would be a momentary lull for her career ended up as a pivotal moment. 

Taking pride in what she has accomplished, Ché LaRhue wants to remind others that nothing in life will ever come easy. She explains that tough times are necessary so that one could bring out their inner strength. 

To know more about Ché LaRhue and The Bored Games, you may visit their website and Instagram page. 

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