If you worked for the eleventh best restaurant in the world, would you give it all up to start another business? This is what Josh Roelofs did when he and his brother started their own business in their hometown. Though a chef’s way of life has many benefits, Josh wanted something different for his career. He hoped to escape the long work hours that he had come to know and start giving back to people who needed relief from pain.

“I had been in the service business for over seven years. I started with a passion for cooking that then led me to a two michelin star restaurant in new york. After working there for seven months and getting ranked the 11th best restaurant in the world, along with the 16 hours a day and 6 days a week work schedule, I knew I needed to start my own business. I moved back to my home town of Santa Barbara, California where I then did some private chef work for the ultra wealthy, and after that I moved to Orange county to start my cbd empire.” Explains Josh.

Moving away from the money, Josh wanted to focus on how he could help people, so he teamed up with his brother to begin their company. He and his brother, Peter Roelofs, began creating a CBD business. Josh himself had seen the benefits that CBD could offer to assist in pain and even insomnia. He and Peter wanted to spread this to other people who needed it.

“We started planning the business about a year ago. We started it because we wanted to give back. We wanted to help people with pain, anxiety and stress. Being a cook in a two Michelin Star restaurant, I would always go home hurting until I tried CBD. I also couldn’t sleep after being up for 16 hours so I took CBD to help.” Josh reflects.

However, in the brothers’ home state, there has been a growing number of businesses that specialize in selling CBD for use as a treatment against pain. To ensure that their business was successful, Josh and Peter knew they had to make themselves different from the competition. They knew that they had to change the traditional business model in order to ensure that the company was doing what it could to make a difference in people’s lives.

“There are so many CBD businesses popping up out of nowhere, but half of them have no idea what it takes. The market is flooded with CBD companies claiming that they are all different, but we truly are. We care more about people than we care about profit. Most companies can’t say that. We focus on people. We make sure our customers feel like family no matter what.” Says Josh and Peter.

Although Josh and Peter have tried to make themselves unique and change the way they conduct their CBD stores, they still have had to stand up to their family and friends who thought that they could not survive amidst the competition.

“The biggest obstacle we’ve overcome has to be starting this company when everyone told us it would never take off or there are too many cbd companies.” Claims Peter and Josh.

Despite this, the two have been able to escape the work-life they once knew and craft a successful CBD company. Josh and Peter are both surprised by their own success. They have truly been astonished that the business has taken off, allowing both brothers to achieve their goals of assisting people in California.

“We never thought we could make it from working a 9-5 to creating one of the most successful CBD companies on the market today.” Exclaims Josh and Peter.

Josh and Peter claim that a good mindset and working hard are the two best ways to reach your goals. They have had to work tirelessly to get the CBD business off the ground, but it has paid off. The two brothers also recommend that the best way to live without regrets is to listen to yourself and not let what others think to get in the way.

“Mindset is huge. We are always grinding. Whether that’s working two jobs five days a week while starting our CBD company, you have to have the right mindset if you want to win in this industry. If you can’t have a positive mindset you will lose and every other CBD company will pass you. Believe in yourself no matter what it takes. 80 years from now, you will look back on today and tell yourself how happy you are that you didn’t quit ” Recounts Josh and Peter.

As to what their future holds, Josh and Peter plan on doubling down their efforts and become a nationwide brand and across the globe.

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