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From Streets to the Celebrities: How Attila Toth-Bathori Built His Management and Marketing Career After Losing Everything



It’s not easy to build up an entire career after losing pretty much everything, especially when you’re in the entertainment industry. But this is precisely what Attila Toth-Bathori did.

Attila Toth-Bathori is a Hungarian/American business management and marketing professional. He was born and raised in Hungary, and initially, he built his business in Europe, where he worked with well-known entertainment professionals and brands like X-Factor.

Six years ago, after his success in Europe, he decided to take the leap and move to the States. He had to give up everything he had in Europe and move to oversee one of his flagship artist’s growth in the States. But despite the considerable risk that Attila took, the artist decided to completely quit from the entertainment history, leaving Attila with significant financial loss and no prospects.

Attila went from being a massive success to sleeping in his car and resorting to doing rideshares for a living. But he never gave up. In his free time, he dedicated all of his energy toward rebuilding his company and gaining success in this new foreign territory of Los Angeles.

Over time, less than five years to be exact, Attila managed to build one of the greatest entertainment marketing and consulting companies in Los Angeles. He has worked with big names in the industry and is no stranger to celebrity clientele. For some of them, he was the reason for their success in the first place. 

Attila’s marketing and consulting company is called Starrlive Entertainment. At Starrlive, they provide many services for their clients. They mainly assist independent and major labels or artists to grow a fanbase and gain visibility, social media followers, streams, radio play, and other significant opportunities.

Even with the pandemic going on, Starrlive is still doing well, and the company is ready more than ever to help the careers of indie and major artists thrive at this time. But while Starrlive is doing better than most of the artist consultant companies, Attila has committed to keep hustling to provide another creative platform for artists and audiences.

Attila also recently joined forces with one of his friends, Mukund Komanduri, who is an Indian American music producer/entrepreneur. And they have both conceptualized and set up an entirely new company.

This new company, Mocha Tribe, will set the industry standard for the new era of creative startups, highlighting Attila and Mukund’s passion and history in entertainment.

Mocha Tribe provides a modern twist on drinking coffee. Customers will be able to have a curated subscription box of regular or CBD coffee delivered to their homes and will become part of a digital Tribe ecosystem. They’ll receive fresh content through social media channels, as well as be invited to weekly “tribe sessions,” which will feature up and coming singer/songwriters, comedians, and so on. This creative startup has even taken into account the pandemic. It thus provides a coffee subscription with free contactless delivery and financing options.

So far, Mocha Tribe has raised over seven figures, and it is currently looking for more investors who would like to be involved in the company’s growth. 

If you’d like to know more about Attila and Starrlive, you can check the website and follow their Instagram.

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