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How to get Followers for Business on Instagram



Instagram followers for business

Instagram is a great platform for business marketing because it has billions of active users. It allows a business to target a larger audience and a new audience simultaneously, but with the right marketing strategy. Businesses are looking at Instagram as a great source get potential customers. It has now become challenging in social media marketing to gain more followers on Instagram.

Appealing and engaging content on Instagram is crucial. However, if your company has fewer followers, your content will be ineffective and you will not be recognized. Therefore, having a large following for your business on Instagram is necessary. When you increase your followers, you get the following benefits:

  • Boost views and engagement
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Produce leads and sales
  • Increase revenue

Therefore, it is necessary to know how you can get Instagram followers or which tips and tricks can help your business grow on Instagram.

Without delay, check out a thorough guide to increasing followers for business on Instagram.

Tips and Tricks to Get Followers for Business on Instagram

Here we have curated a list of 9 valuable tips and tricks to get more followers on Instagram that will help you to increase your business reach.

1-Create Appealing Content

Your content is like your power. The more it is unique and attractive to your audience, the more they will want to engage with it. Users of Instagram are likely to share content with their circle that they find useful and entertaining at the same time. Thus, create content that should be relevant to your target audience.

There is also a way to increase engagement and reach for your business through sharing content. Share user-generated content on Instagram. This is the most effective way to broaden the reach and engagement of your posts. Also, it is the perfect way to get new Instagram followers.

2-Distribute Video Content

Creating and sharing content is one thing, but sharing the content in the form of content that your audience likes to engage with is a bonus. Video content on Instagram is getting more engagement than image content. Also, people share video content with their friends, so you can get new eyes on your profile, which will turn into your following.

You can also use the option of Instagram Live to get a new Instagram following. Do a live session on Instagram and attract a larger audience. A live session helps the audience learn about your products and services more easily. It is also the quickest way to resolve queries related to your products or services.

3-Make Use of Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram have the same value as they do on Twitter. Hashtags are searchable words that people use to find information on a specific topic. Also, hashtags are used to categorize content on Instagram. When users of Instagram tap on these hashtags, all content with that particular hashtag appears as a result.

Also, hashtags are a great way to get new Instagram followers because if more people use a hashtag for the search that you use in your posts, they will discover your content even if they don’t follow you. Thus, cross-check a hashtag’s meaning before using it.

You can find popular hashtags through

  • Instagram search engine
  • Analytic tools for social media.
  • Your competitors’ analysis

Use the hashtags in your posts that are most relevant to your business identity.

4-Improve your Instagram page

Optimization of your Instagram profile is necessary to market your products on Instagram and also to increase your Instagram followers. You can optimize your profile by optimizing your content, the bio of your profile, the caption of posts, hashtags, etc.

We have already mentioned how you can optimize your content through the use of hashtags. Now, proceed to look at how you can optimize the bio of your Instagram profile to get more Instagram followers.

Your brand page is the first impression of your audience. It is similar to a chance to introduce your brand to the Instagram audience. Through an appealing bio, you can impress your Instagram audience and convert them into your followers. The following are the techniques that help optimize your brand page on Instagram:

  • Keeps your name search friendly and short.
  • Give a clear description of who you are and what you do, but briefly.
  • Add a catchy call to action (learn more, shop, visit us, or contact us).
  • Add a link to your website’s landing page or links that reflect your most recent post.
  • You have just one clickable link in your bio, so choose it carefully.

Several Instagram business pages have half the information in the bio-related to their business after setup. Don’t be that kind of business because you can neither win your existing followers nor gain new followers through an in-complete Instagram bio.

5-Collaborate with Instagram Influencers

Influencer marketing is an effective way to target a larger audience that will convert to your followers. Having an Instagram influencer market your business product or service or even talk about your business helps to increase your awareness of your business.

Collaborate with Instagram influencers to increase followers for your business on Instagram. When you specifically collaborate with an Instagram influencer, the collaboration is called a “paid partnership. The followers of that influencer will see your Instagram page and go through your business’s Instagram profile and post. They will likely follow your business if they find your content useful for them.

6-Interact with your current followers in the comments section.

To increase your Instagram followers, interact with the audience in the comment section of your post. You can accomplish this by responding to every comment, even if you have already answered it.

You can also leave a comment that isn’t a reaction but simply engages people with your post. It will assist you in increasing the brand loyalty of your followers. They will prefer you and recommend your profile to their friends as a trustworthy brand. It is one of the most effective methods for increasing your Instagram following.

7-Hold giveaways and competitions

You can also run Instagram marketing campaigns to capture your audience’s attention and get new eyes on your posts that will convert them into followers. There are two types of campaigns that you can use to gain more followers on Instagram for your business, which are as follows:

  1. Giveaways 
  2. Contests

These two campaigns will assist your brand in increasing the number of followers on Instagram. Instagram users like to interact with giveaway posts because they want to win gifts. As a result, you can take advantage of this opportunity to attract customers to your brand. It not only increases the engagement rate on your posts, but it also raises awareness of your products. However, to get the most out of the giveaway post, you must specify the rules. Your post will become more famous and viral if you get more  Instagram likes on your post. So, you should also try to get more and more likes on your post to make it viral and increase your engagement.

8-Share your Instagram profile on other social media platforms.

Share your business’s Instagram presence with the followers of your other social media platforms. To get more followers on Instagram, make sure to share your Instagram profile or business page on your other social media platforms. More visibility of your profile increases the chance of getting more reach and engagement. Ultimately, you will get more Instagram followers.

But one thing to remember while sharing is that you should not directly ask people to follow your account, but give them a reason to follow your business by promoting the link to your content.

9-Use Geotags to attract local customers

Do you value your local customers? If no, then do it by using geotagging and using hashtags. Geotags can help you attract the attention of local Instagram users. Using geotags is beneficial because it boosts the visibility of your business in Instagram’s search.

Post your company’s distinguishing features as a geotag. Add a location to your posts to increase exposure of your posts. When a user of Instagram searches for a geotag, they can get all the public posts having that geotag. So, make sure your content is visible there. Using geotagging is the most unique way to get potential new Instagram followers for your business.

When users search for a geotag, such as a location or physical business address, they can view all public posts that use that tag. Make your content visible there, and you’ll expose your Instagram content to potential new followers.

These are several strategies you can adopt to get real followers on Instagram. You must adhere to them and establish your business presence on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

Instagram has now become an effective and powerful tool for businesses that want to show their users their unique products and services in a new and creative way. This article is a perfect guide for businesses looking to get more Instagram followers. Along with the mentioned tips and tricks, a business can also leverage Instagram ads and Instagram stories.