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Get to Know Moove It: The Software Consulting Firm Named a Great Place to Work



A successful company is only as good as its employees, and now more than ever businesses are recognizing the importance of a happy and fulfilled workforce in determining its success. Moove It, a software development company in San Francisco, puts a core set of values at the heart of their business: quality over quantity, strong relationships, passion and commitment, team over individuals, and happiness and flourishing.

Now, these qualities have paid off after the software development company settled in Austin, California, Uruguay and Colombia, has been awarded a Great Place to Work certification, which is a mark of a great employee experience, determined by workers themselves who are surveyed. The certification reflected an incredible score of 95%, well above the average of 85%. The company’s average across all questions on the survey was also 91%, while the standard is just 63%.

The company works on consulting and software development with high-profile clients like Disney Streaming Services, Hulu, Unilever, Ripple, Tabula Rasa, OneSignal, and Shopify, offering services like digital transformation, product design, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Moove It offers a fully comprehensive service from beginning to end, starting with strategy, to technology, design, coaching, and finally through to delivery.

Ariel Ludueña, co-founder and CEO of Moove It said: “The focus has always been on taking care of our team members: by nourishing a strong culture and lively environment, and encouraging individuals to grow and develop in healthy, happy surroundings.” She added: “Once the results came in we were, as expected, very happy but concentrated on what we were doing: taking care of the team and the clients.”

This new achievement adds to the company’s previous top Net Promoter Score (NPS), which scores companies based on the question “How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?” The final NPS score was 82.02, which was described by Moove It COO Gabriel Fagundez as “a simple demonstration of the high quality of our work and a validation of our engagement model.”

The qualities that make Moove It such an enriching and rewarding place to work can be seen filtering through their client relationships. When asking “what makes us different?”, the company highlights that “Our client partnerships go beyond technology. We become deeply involved in our client’s day-to-day realities, working collaboratively to build superior digital experiences for global advancement.”

It adds that “from our employee culture to our clients and projects, we empower social responsibility and global change,” highlighting that “strong work ethics, values and principles” are focused on creating strong relationships with both clients and employees.

At the heart of their company values is an ethos of “team over individuals”, which can be credited for their strong scores in the Great Place to Work survey. “We are good team players,” their mission statement reads. “We think that great things can only be achieved through a sustainable, strong and professional team. Every individual’s point of view, expertise, and initiative contribute collaboratively to create something valuable.”

Find out more about Moove It here.

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