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Gojek Clone App: Excellent On-demand Delivery Services



gojek clone

Uber launched the concept of doorstep delivery back in 2015 with Uber Rush. It was an experiment to make the lives of customers easier by enabling them to send items to friends, documents, pick a take-out, etc. From that day till the present, people have been relying on delivery service apps. Many entrepreneurs have tried launching a competent app for the same, yet they failed on a lot of turfs. But, the Gojek Clone app didn’t.

Gojek Clone: Offer Superb On-demand Delivery Service 

This app is “inspired” by Gojek, the original Indonesian super app. This app has been offering customers various on-demand services including grocery and food delivery, logistics, transportation, etc.

Developing a Gojek-like app is difficult and expensive at the same time. Many entrepreneurs didn’t have access to A-class resources until now!

With this clone app, you can establish a top-notch and fully-fledged on-demand delivery business in just one week!

Fun Fact: this Gojek Clone app offers more than just on-demand delivery services. Thus, you can tap into a multi-service industry and offer customers more than just getting deliveries or sending items! 

Let’s just look at what the Gojek Clone app on-demand delivery services are.

Gojek Clone App

Food Delivery 

Online food ordering is one of the most in-demand services. People frequently order food from nearby restaurants, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

This well-known service has been booming every day. Thus, for an entrepreneur like you, it is an excellent opportunity to make money on every food delivery service.

How does it work? 

Customers will have to go to the ‘Food Delivery’ section on the app and search for the item/restaurant. Next, they can customize the food item (if they have the option) and add it to the cart.

Now, they need to add the delivery address or select one from the saved ones, choose the delivery type, and the payment methods.

The entire delivery can be tracked right from the point of placing the order! And within minutes, the delivery driver will arrive at the doorstep with their order.

Send Parcels 

The Gojek Clone app also allows customers to send parcels from their location to one or multiple locations nearby.

Under this service, customers can easily send documents, files, furniture, and even cement bags across the city. YES! It omits the labor that customers may otherwise have to do to send these parcels themselves.

How does it work? 

The customer can select a suitable option from single or multiple delivery options. Next, they can choose the delivery vehicle depending on what they’re sending. The delivery vehicle options they have are

  • Cycle
  • Motorbike
  • Scooter
  • Cargo car
  • Mini truck
  • Truck

Next, they need to provide parcel details like the receiver’s name and contact number, pick-up and delivery instructions, package type, and details. Customers can choose a suitable payment option like cash, card, or in-app wallet.

Soon, a professional delivery driver will accept the request and head toward the customer’s pick-up location.

Delivery Genie and Runner 

Wait! The wonders of this Gojek Clone app don’t end here!

Apart from getting groceries, food, medicines, flowers, wine, etc. delivered to their doorstep, customers can also hire a personal shopper and errand-runner.

Delivery Genie is the personal shopper who will go around the local market to fetch and buy stuff that the customer wants. Say, a gift article. The customer can upload their photo on the app for the shopper’s reference and give them the address of the store/shop where they can purchase it.

The personal shopper will confirm the article and once customers approve it, they will purchase it and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep.

A delivery Runner, on the other hand, is a customer’s personal errand-runner who will go around and deliver or pick up stuff. It can be anything – a tiffin box, documents, clothes from the dry cleaner, and so on.

Isn’t the Gojek Clone app amazing? With no hassles, you can establish your on-demand delivery business in a week and start making money on every service booked via the app!

In Conclusion: 

Establish your own on-demand delivery business like Gojek in just a week with only a small investment amount!

With the Gojek Clone app, you don’t need to build the app from scratch. All you need to do is get the pre-built base app white-labeled with your branding.

In no time, you will be able to launch the app!

What are you waiting for? Get the ready-made business solution right now!