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Gordnick Brothers Help Save the Planet with Their Solar Energy Company



Phoenix Energy

Corporate Environmental Responsibility is fast becoming a widely accepted commitment in many companies today. Businesses embrace the responsibility of abstaining from damaging the environment in the process of producing their products or rendering services. Chris and Justin Gordnick are contributing to this by promoting solar energy.

The Gordnick brothers founded the company Phoenix Energy, a business that offers solar panel installation and maintenance services. The New Jersey-based company is one of the leading solar technology businesses in the region. Its proximity to New York City has allowed the company to penetrate the Big Apple market as well. With a combination of traditional and innovative sales and marketing strategies, Chris and Justin are fast becoming forerunners in the business. 

More than doing the business side of it, Chris and Justin are advocating renewable energy to primarily help the preservation of the planet. Additionally, they want to educate clients that solar energy is more cost-efficient long-term. It means a considerable amount of savings for homes and business operators. It also protects clients against rising rates that tend to happen, whether they like it or not.

Shifting to solar energy increases the value of a property. A solar panel system installed on a home roofing system, for instance, automatically expands the resale value of the house. Aside from helping to preserve the planet, solar technology users can reap many other benefits long-term compared to other sources of energy. 

Chris is a U.S. Army veteran who was responsible for introducing his brother to an emerging sales company. In no time, Justin’s performance was being rewarded with promotions. Realizing that they had the needed business skills and character to sell a product, they decided to build their own company. Phoenix Energy was born after much deliberation and research on what both brothers saw as a promising business investment. 

Between the two brothers, it was Justin who showed signs of an inclination towards business even at a young age. He remembers knocking from one door to another in their neighborhood to sell newspapers. On days when he had the extra time, he would offer his services for a fee from moving furniture, raking leaves, to shoveling snow. Justin understood early on that with the right amount of determination and hard work, he could quickly sell a product or service.

He applies the same confidence and enthusiasm in dealing with clients interested in solar technology. Paired with Chris’ dedication, creativity in marketing, and discipline, the two are the team to beat in the industry. Their work ethics are also above the usual standards expected of business founders. Both are very hands-on and committed to making themselves available 24 hours a day, seven days a week whenever necessary. 

It is this rare work attitude that propelled their business to the top. Both brothers are so adaptable and dynamic that even during this pandemic season, they refused to give up their business. Instead, they contacted their connections and purchased millions of masks and surgical gloves, supplying hardworking frontliners in the country and international governments at the same time. 

Chris and Justin are illustrating how businesses can survive in this challenging time. More than keeping their business afloat, they responded to an even more significant need to fight a global crisis. It is the mark of a real businessman!

Check out the Phoenix Energy website to learn more about their services. 

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