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Guide for Creating Custom Bath Bomb Boxes for Your Brand



custom bath bomb boxes

If you’re thinking about getting into the bath bomb business, you’ll need to make sure that your packaging can draw in and wow your potential customers as much as your bathing products do. That’s why you need to create custom bath bomb boxes! Not only will they get people excited about using your product, but they’ll also entice people to tell other people about it. As well. Follow these instructions and recommendations. How to create custom bath bomb boxes that will be the envy of every other bath bomb brand out there.

What You’ll Need Custom Bath Bomb Boxes

  1. Cardboard box – you can use any size that you want but the bigger the better so you can fit more bath bombs inside it. The boxes on this page are 9 x 5 inches. You could also use a 12 x 12-inch box if you wanted.
  2. Bubble wrap – You’ll need about 2 or 3 sheets of bubble wrap depending on how big your box is and how many bath bombs you’re putting in your pack. We recommend using at least one sheet of bubble wrap so that when someone opens up the package, they’re not touching all of the bath bomb boxes with their hands.
  3. Gift tags – If you want to add a gift tag on the outside of your box, now’s a good time!
  4. Decorative ribbon – If you have some decorative ribbons laying around, now would be a great time to use them. Box cutter/utility knife – Cut the cardboard box open along the seam and make room for your bath bombs.
  5. Lettering stencils (optional) – I like to put my company logo on my packages but it’s unnecessary if you don’t have access to lettering stencils like I do. It makes things look really nice though! You’ll need something that will go over the top of your cardboard box.

Follow these instructions

Cut off a piece of bubble wrap that is wide enough to cover. The entire length of the side panel on the top opening of your cardboard box. There will probably be excess bubble wrap leftover which you can use later.

Wrap one edge over the other edge by about half an inch so it looks like a fabric strip, then fold back both edges towards each other so there are only three edges left (two folds).

Tape down two edges with clear tape from either side so there is no overlap between the two pieces together. Take another piece of bubble wrap, and lay it perpendicular to the first. Tape down two ends again with clear tape from either side so there is no overlap between the two pieces together.

Once again, take another sheet of bubble wrap and lay it perpendicular to the previous layer. Tape down two ends again so there is no overlap between layers once again. Repeat until you’ve reached the width needed for your cardboard box (in this case, we did four layers).

The Design Process of Custom Bath Bomb Boxes

  • Find a template that you like, and then customize it to meet your needs
  • Print the template onto cardstock or other thick paper
  • You can cut out the shapes with scissors, an X-acto knife, or by carefully punching them out with a hole punch.
  • If you’re using a hole punch, be sure to cover the design with scrap paper first so you don’t accidentally punch through the template.
  • Cut slits into the top of each shape (or use a hole punch) and slide string or ribbon through them so they can be hung on display.
  • When choosing colors, think about which colors best represent your brand!

Choose a mold

Your next step is to find something that you can use as a mold. A good option is silicone putty, which is available at most craft stores and art supply shops. Custom boxes with logo wholesale help your bath bombs form into the shape of the box and hold their own weight once finished. It also prevents any chance of cracking or chipping when filled with wet ingredients. Such as Epsom salts, baking soda, citric acid, and cornstarch mixed with water. Once you have chosen a mold, apply it. It over your face of choice onto the cardstock so that it is stuck in place securely without any gaps.


There are many different ways that you can customize your bath bomb box in order to establish a cohesive brand identity. Consider these tips when designing custom bath bomb boxes for your business:

Stick with one consistent color palette. You want the box to look like it belongs together and has a cohesive feel.
If you use too many colors, it will look less professional and more like an artsy DIY project gone wrong.
Make sure that all of the logos, fonts, and branding elements on the boxing match from start to finish. Consistency is key!
You want customers to know they’re dealing with a well-established company by looking at the front of your box alone.