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Guide on How to Pick the Name that Best Suits your App



Wanna make a fortune? Only developing an application for your mobile app idea is unsatisfactory. To raise the number of downloads, you must give it a captivating name that can be quickly memorised by the potential audience.

Do you think “Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty” sounds as sensational as “Nicki Minaj”? Or is “Adolf Dassler” as cool as “Adidas”? Never. These celebrities have become household names just because of these anonyms. And it’s no different in the mobile applications world.

Everything is in the name Darling. 

You can create that first impression with an alluring name for an application in the jam-packed App store where there are numerous free apps. It can help you outshine other similar apps in the same niche. To prevent all your efforts in building the app from turning to waste now is the time to give it an outstanding name if you have already executed your mobile app idea.

So that your application doesn’t end up unrecognized among multiple like apps, in this article, we will talk about some tips to name your application.

Hint at the functionality

Your application’s name should be something connected with what it does. You will have to highly depend on your app icon to communicate your app functionality if you go for something completely unfathomable.

You need to do some study before starting to evaluate the names for your application. Know the objective of your product, its target audience, and the appreciation of your users towards your product. Begin with the conventional method of naming an app immediately after you’re through with acknowledging these factors – match the functionality of your app with a word that promotes its uniqueness. When naming an app, simplicity and the ability to be recognized are the two most crucial factors.

Be unique

Linking the name with other well-known apps is the first thing you will think of while naming an app. Like something with the prefix Facebook or Tiktok. But your app will lose its validity in gaining recognization.

No one in his right senses would desire to download the 60th app in the Play Store named Facebook-anything or Tiktok-anything when they are getting the original one. Don’t get tempted to name your app by connecting it with conventional apps. Be unique, not a clone or replica.

Learn from others

You can always take inspiration from your competitors particularly when you trying to enter an overpopulated app category, still, your name should be unique. Check out the name given to apps resembling your app and take cognizance of what works and what does not. However, copying your competitor’s app name and then including an extra character in it will degrade your image. It won’t earn your app any credit.

Use real words

Visualise how people will tell their friends about the app so that they can also download it while contemplating the names of your app. Don’t go for something difficult to pronounce and memorise even as you are permitted to create new words. A name that people can discuss in the real world and will not need good retention and paper to correctly spell is what what you should think of. Yes, your app can come out on top with an odd name too, but again, why risk it?

Upgrade your name for app store searches and social media

Select a name which has the keyword you desire your app to rank for in the app store. However, do not stuff keywords. Instead, ikt he to title and description, use them lightly and in a natural way. This will help boost the ranking of your app in the app store.

Also, ensure that the name of your app is accessible as the domain name and as social media account. This is highly required for marketing your app. Tools like Google Keyword Planner are something you can use for keyword research.

Find the right length

The name of your app should be kept short and brief. Going for long names will make it difficult to recall. Conversely, you’ll let yourself in on the struggle of getting a name that is not taken by someone else if you go find names that are too short.

In Summary:

Lots and lots go into the naming of an app and these are just a few factors. However, take these points into cognizance and write down some of the best names.

Go with your gut feeling when you’re done and give your app a name.