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Trying to Hire a Laravel Developer- Here’s What You Must Know



Guide to Hire Laravel Developers

If you are looking to build your website faster and in a much easier manner, then going for the Laravel web development framework is the right choice in today’s era. Laravel has made web development easier and more convenient. It allows more structure and control, making it a suitable framework for diverse businesses. With an increase in its popularity, we have noticed an increase in the demand for Laravel developers as well. You can go for in-house recruitment or hire such a resource from a trusted website development company. However, you must choose someone who fits your particular requirements and has the skills to solve the challenges you are facing. So, before you hire the right Laravel developer for your project, consider these factors. 

Skills to Look Out for When Hiring Laravel Developers

  • Programmers who use Laravel must be experts in the most basic web technologies. They need to have a  solid grasp of concepts of  CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. 
  • An architectural design pattern that supports quick and concurrent application development is MVC (Model View Controller). Additionally, as Laravel is built on the MVC design, you must find a well-versed programmer in MVC architecture. A Laravel developer should have knowledge about classes, methods, and traits.
  • Database system management is a specialty that Laravel programmers must be well versed in. They must be proficient in data manipulation and database management so that end users can transfer data efficiently and swiftly within the company.
  • The versions of the framework keep on changing with continuous updates. So, to enhance the development process, creators frequently provide new upgrades and features; a Laravel developer should know new features added to provide the best result to their clients. 

Steps to Hire Laravel Developers:

Once you know the skills to look out for when hiring Laravel developers, you should know the steps for hiring Laravel developers:

1. Define Requirements of the Project

Laravel is primarily used for the development of a cross-functional website or web app. Based on your business requirements and the skills needed for the project, the hiring process is initiated. Sit with your higher management and ask them what expertise they need in programmers and what positions need to be filled.

2. Shortlist Resumes/CV

Once you have posted the job opportunity on your website, informed about the vacancy companies providing hiring services, and asked your existing employees to share a word in their connections, you will receive a lot of resumes. Shortlist the ones meeting your defined requirements. This can be done by scanning candidate skills, experience, etc. Also, check if they have worked on similar projects previously.

3. Proceed with a Robust Recruitment Process

Preparing a solid process for Laravel developer recruitment is a must. You may have to be in regular touch with your company’s HR department to keep the hiring process implementation effective. Hiring IT positions, such as Laravel developers, can be highly challenging due to the scarcity of specialists and fierce competition. That’s why a usual hiring process must be avoided for filling Laravel developer positions.

You must also ask your HR team to contact potential candidates from GitHub, LinkedIn, etc. When finding a worthy candidate who is a specialist, give them offers and benefits they can’t refuse.

4. Check Delivery Time and Hiring Cost

At the time of hiring, it’s best to examine the overall project cost and what fraction of the total budget your business is willing to spend on the Laravel developer’s salary. This will not only help you meet the budget target by the end of the project, but you will also be able to let the candidates know about the compensation range.

Additionally, ask the candidates about their delivery time and overall efficiency. You don’t want to hire a developer who will become a bottleneck for the rest of the team.

5. Interview Candidates

Now that you have been through all the four steps mentioned above, it’s time to invite the shortlisted candidates for the interview. Calling only potential candidates who meet your requirements will save your business time & effort and also promote fewer rejections. When conducting a personal round, you can either split it into two, where one is conducted by the HR and another one by a technical specialist who can check the candidate’s Laravel skills, or combine this round, where HR and the technical specialist interview the candidate at the same time.

If these rounds are merged, you will be able to understand the candidate better, so try to get this done by a single interview panel.

NOTE: Remember to keep your JD (job description) as detailed and specific as possible. This will help interested candidates to know your requirements. It will also save your time and efforts, which would have been wasted in interviewing and rejecting misinformed candidates.

Another Way to Hire Laravel Developers- Find a Trusted Website Development Company 

If you do not want the hassle of hiring or managing a resource, get in touch with any experienced third-party web development service provider. They usually have the resources, infrastructure, dedicated project managers, and security protocols to ensure that your requirements are met. Additionally, you can also save on development expenses if you hire Laravel developers in India or a similar low-cost country. 

Factors to Consider When You Hire Laravel Developers

  • Test their Ability to Solve Complex Problems

Laravel developers who are proficient in their work must have the ability to utilize frameworks, programming languages, and libraries as tools for solving complex problems. Unlike old times, when developers just had to write codes, they’re now required to work together with cross-functional teams. It also includes communicating with stakeholders to get an overall idea of what digital functionality is expected from them. The employees you hire will be responsible for understanding the requirements and implementing the functionality. Hence, one of the important factors is the developer’s ability to solve problems.

  • Check the Experience

If you want to hire dedicated developers from a third-party website development company, it is important to check their experience. The more experienced the company is, the better the quality of work they will deliver. The number of years that a company has been in business shows you how long they have been offering services and also how reliable they are. A company with a good track record will be able to provide you with quality services because they have proven themselves over time and know what needs to be done.

  • Check the Number of Dedicated Laravel Developers 

You should ensure that the company you hire has dedicated developers who know how to accurately work on a project using Laravel. The number of years of experience these developers have is also important because it will determine how well they can handle your project and provide better services.

You need to check whether the company has a good track record of successful projects or not. If they don’t, it means they are not experienced enough in this field and might not be able to complete your project well either. You should also ensure that there is more than one developer working on your project so that if one leaves or goes on vacation, someone else can take over their responsibilities until the initial developer is available.

  • Choose Customized Packages 

Customized packages for businesses are more cost-effective than standard packages. This is because the customized Laravel development solutions are created to meet your specific requirements, and they do not include features that are not required by you. Therefore, it’s easier to get a better deal with customized packages as they can easily be tailored according to your business needs.

While discussing this aspect with your Laravel development company, make sure that it offers customized services because it will provide greater flexibility in terms of scalability and customizability. Further, there will be no need for additional costs or charges in case you want additional features and functionalities later on in the project development phase.

  • Confirm Availability of  24/7 customer Support

If you are looking to hire Laravel development companies, then it is advisable to check whether the company offers 24/7 customer support. This can be considered as one of the factors that show how dedicated a company is toward its clients. When you get in touch with them, they will not hesitate to help you and give their best at any time. This also shows that they care about what they do and are willing to go the extra mile for their client’s satisfaction.


Without knowing the specific skills required, the steps to hire Laravel developers, and the important factors, your business may end up hiring the wrong resource, which you might regret later. So to safeguard yourself from such an unfortunate situation, you can start your selection process by keeping these factors in mind. 

Take your time, and don’t rush to sign a contract with any Laravel developer or company. Also, check the reviews available on third-party websites to know the kind of work they provide to their customers. If you are going to hire Laravel developers in India (since that’s the current most popular outsourcing destination worldwide with low-cost resource availability) or another such nation, make it a point to clarify every deliverable in the contract. The effectiveness of working with a remote resource heavily depends on such legal agreements. 


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