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Hamza Odeh on What It Takes to Establish Successful Long-Term Businesses



One of the many challenges faced by emerging entrepreneurs today is how to make their businesses sustainable enough to survive and thrive long-term. Entrepreneurs ought to have discernment where it concerns identifying what kind of businesses would meet the needs of the market and ultimately generate promising returns. Entrepreneur and visionary business leader Hamza Odeh is one of several businessmen of today’s generation who understands the needs of the market and how best to meet them. 

As a risk-taker who possesses key attributes that fuel him to achieve what very few entrepreneurs his age are willing to pursue, he has successfully established three thriving companies: Etihad Capital, Ignite Real Estate, and Restoration Nation. Etihad Capital is a holding and real estate company that devotes its time to helping fund start-ups that have the potential to change lives. It also acquires properties and real estate. Hamza Odeh developed a team of talented and very diligent individuals to help him realize the mission of Etihad Capital. These individuals are experts in a wide array of specializations, including designing, building, and investing in new development projects and business opportunities. 

Meanwhile, Ignite Real Estate is the premier real estate brokerage and transaction facilitator. In comparison, Restoration Nation is one of the leading construction companies in North Texas today, with a record of 15,327,928 square feet developed since its establishment. The company caters to new construction projects. Restoration Nation also offers commercial services that leverage current technology that gives clients a comprehensive overview of facility maintenance repairs and recommendations. 

Restoration Nation provides excellent general services that include wall repair, paint repair, flooring repair, weatherproofing, fixture, equipment installation and replacement, fabrication and repairs, welding services, and concrete repairs, among others. With Hamza holding the reins, the company has managed to partner with some of the country’s top brands catering to multifamily, hotel, industrial warehousing, office space, and retail needs. 

Competition does not intimidate Hamza at all, knowing that there are so many other companies similar to his that have been around for a longer number of years. He has always believed that a well-planned initiative can outperform long-established businesses regardless of their years of experience in the industry. Hamza also believes that he just has to work smarter, remain relevant, and tap into the unlimited potential of the technologies available today. At the end of the day, staying grounded is also one key attitude that has allowed him to build strong brands that can compete with the biggest names in the business. 

“Don’t get distracted. Never tell yourself you need to be the biggest brand in the whole world. Start by working on what you need at the moment and then what you need to do tomorrow. Set yourself manageable targets, but don’t be afraid to take risks,” shared Hamza Odeh.

The young entrepreneur acknowledges that he still has a lot to learn in the next few years as he hustles to make his businesses market leaders in their respective areas of specialization. With many years ahead of him, he is more than willing to learn from the biggest players in the industry, apply new approaches, and embrace innovation to offer his clients the best of the best. 

Vanessa Campbell has been a Senior Writer for more than a decade already. She has liaised closely with key members of the Marketing and Leadership team as well as key stakeholders, providing content support for concepts and ideas to take brands to the next level. She has been leading marketing campaign initiatives that have successfully thrived and prosper throughout the years.