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Headlining Magician Murray SawChuck and Las Vegas Showgirl Dani Elizabeth Get Engaged



Hollywood has confirmed the engagement of Murray SawChuck, also known as Murray the Magician, and Dani Elizabeth. It came as a pleasant surprise to Dani. But isn’t that the point of proposing? Murray has shown that chivalry is very much alive, as he went to great lengths to ensure that the proposal is one that Dani will never forget in her life. Murray got the proposal idea from his parents, who were married for 54 years till 2015 when his father passed away. He also chose the 28th of September, which marked the third year since his first date with Dani at a Luxury Magazine Party Red Carpet at Mr. Chows at Caesars Palace.

He had taken her to Mount Charleston in Nevada, alongside their rescue pups. Murray chose that place because it is one of their favorite places to escape their busy lifestyles in Vegas. They stayed in a cabin and were having snacks with wine when he popped the question. He already hid an engagement ring in a Cracker Jack Box, which he asked Dani to open for a prize. It was an exciting moment for Dani, and she said, “Yes.”

Murray met Dani at a dinner set up by Norbert Aleman, who created and owns Crazy Girls. Murray once auditioned to get a role in Crazy Girls at the Riviera in 2002, but he didn’t get the role despite being vouched for by Lance Burton and doing well at the audition. Norbert expressed concerns at the time that Murray would sleep with all the girls. As fate will have it, however, Norbert ended up bringing the reason Murray met Dani. The only photo of their first date is the one they took with Robin Leach, who is a mentor to Dani.

Murray, an entertainer for more than 30 years, has a YouTube channel with more than 1.7 million subscribers and a cumulative 1 billion views. He is featured on History Channel’s Pawn Stars as the Magic Expert, and he has been on the show for 14 seasons. He is also on CW’s Masters of Illusion for his 7th season. He has been on more than 21 Reality shows, including America’s Got Talent, in which he reached the finals. He stars in Travel Channel’s “Magic Caught on Camera,” and is a resident performer at The Tropicana Hotel – Laugh Factory where he performs 5 nights a week. His other shows include Netflix’s GLOW, Nickelodeon’s Ryan’s Mystery Playdate, Hell’s Kitchen, and Dog Masters 101. Dani Elizabeth, his fiancée, on the other hand, is an actress, choreographer, dancer, comedian, and host who currently hosts “Crazy Girls,” the longest-running burlesque show in Las Vegas.

Murray has been perceived to be a playboy by many, but his move to finally settle with the love of his life is proof that chivalry is not dead despite the pandemic. In the next few years, Murray SawChuck is in the works for his own television show as he has guest starred in over 100 other shows worldwide. Till then, congratulations are in order to these lovebirds.

Learn more about the Murray SawChuck brand on his website and Dani Elizabeth’s brand on her website.

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