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HealthValue Group Combines Speed and Expertise to Help Healthcare Companies Close Strategic and Compliant Deals



Chris David

In today’s business world, deals are being completed at the speed of light. For companies that need expert consultants, waiting two weeks for a response is no longer an option. 

At HealthValue Group, founder and managing partner Chris David understands this dynamic better than anyone in the industry. With over 21 years of valuation and transaction experience working with some of the most prestigious law firms in the world, David combines the power of a global network with the speed and agility of a local business. As a result, he is helping his clients get answers with precision and expertise.

With billions of dollars in private equity entering the healthcare space, investors are relying on valuation firms to advise and guide them through their transactions. David and his team provide healthcare fair market value (FMV) opinions as well as robust appraisal services, advising compliance officers and top executives on how to structure deals that meet rigorous regulatory compliance standards.

“My team is able to provide top-shelf quality work that other larger firms do but with a quicker turnaround time and at more competitive rates,” David says. “We are able to respond to clients quickly and be more nimble and yet provide high-quality and relevant fair market value analysis that allows our clients to make the right decisions.” 

One of the key distinctions at HealthValue Group is David’s hands-on approach to every deal. As the leader of the firm, he is invested not only in running the practice but in personally ensuring that every client receives the highest standard of service. Through every step of the process, David is there to offer his 20+ years of expertise and insight.

“I am directly involved in all projects, so I know exactly what is going on,” David says. “You can talk to me directly, and there are only a few layers between me and the analysts doing the work.”

In addition to providing valuation and transaction consulting on acquisitions, HealthValue Group counsels healthcare clients such as health systems, life sciences companies and surgery centers with their FMV compliance matters. Whether its a speaker program, management services organization (MSO), physician compensation arrangement or a physician practice valuation, Mr. David and his team of analysts have the right experience. The HVG team helps their clients adhere to strict Anti-kickback and Stark Law FMV compliance rules. “The penalties for violating these federal healthcare laws can be enormous, like millions and millions of dollars in penalties levied by the Department of Justice to companies that are found to be paying kickbacks.”

Whether it is a hospital looking for a fair market value appraisal for the physician practice they intend to acquire, or a PE group establishing a management services agreement (MSA) or a biotech firm hiring physician consultants, or a litigator in need of a subject matter expert for a litigation case, HealthValue Group has quickly become a trusted source for expert-level healthcare FMV opinions and appraisals across the country. HVG has experienced double-digit growth in each of the past five years, and with Chris David at the helm, they are poised for another year of impressive growth in 2022.

“We consider ourselves a boutique consulting group with a nationwide client base,” David says. “So, if our clients are trying to get a deal done quickly, and need expert consultants, then a firm like HVG that is nimble and can give them focused attention and top-shelf advice is going to make a big difference.”

HealthValue Group provides fair market value appraisals, opinions and transaction consulting to some of the nation’s most well known health systems and health law firms. To learn more about HealthValue Group and the services they provide, please visit

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