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How Alex Machuca Turned Lyncrest Media Into One of the Fastest-Growing Digital Marketing Agencies



The advancement of technology has undoubtedly been very beneficial to society. It serves as a multi-purpose platform where people can learn, access sites for entertainment, or set up businesses to bring in extra income. 

For entrepreneurs, digital platforms have become the ideal venue for them to develop their ideas and kick off new enterprises. But because the cutthroat system can be very fierce, business owners will need to have a full understanding of the industry they wish to venture into. 

And taking a cue of the intimidating nature of competition, Alex Machuca took it upon himself to guide entrepreneurs as they slowly transition into the digital landscape. Thus, he founded Lyncrest Media, a modern-day media and communications holding company. 

Alex Machuca hails from the suburbs of Fair Lawn in New Jersey. The Founder and CEO of Lyncrest Media started the company to offer companies better and higher-quality lead generation and digital marketing services. And since he is aware of how intense the competition is among players in the real estate and mortgage industry, he uses the company’s leading-edge technology to facilitate the environment. 

By putting its spin on lead generation, Lyncrest Media has easily become a leading authority in the industry. However, underneath its towering greatness are the building blocks of modest beginnings attributed to no other than Alex himself. 

Making his mark in the industry by earning the seventh spot for the global ranking in GoDaddy, Alex has proved to be a notable figure in the realm of digital marketing. And with his unrivaled expertise in digital marketing, he has helped multiple companies grow at remarkable rates and has assisted them with reconstructing their internal processes. 

And in just a few months, the serial entrepreneur has already raised six hundred thousand dollars to fund the famous pop-exhibit, Tacotopia. Through Alex’s brilliant skills in social media advertising, he was able to draw in hundreds and thousands of people into the exhibit. Exuding so much revenue-generating potential, caught the attention of prominent personalities such as Gary Vaynerchuck and Ryan Harwood. 

Having faith in Alex, both Gary and Ryan willingly took a test with him. But just when things were starting to look up, the concept did not work. And as if this failure was not already bad enough, things became worse when the coronavirus pandemic struck. Ultimately, the global crisis took a toll on the budding business. 

But proving to be someone with a character of granite, Alex did not back down. Instead, he started investing his money in digital marketing courses. Moreover, he used networking skills to gain more knowledge about the industry from digital marketing experts like Jeremy Haynes, Zack Barotta, Brandon Packer, and Rob Bailey. 

From there, Alex has created Lyncrest Media, a digital marketing company for mortgage brokers. And as a frontier of lead generation, the company follows up with leads through text, email, and voicemails. Moreover, it also assigns an appointment setter that dials on those leads for the mortgage broker daily. 

As can be gleaned from Lyncrest Media’s through follow-up approach, it is evident that the company’s efforts to eliminate cold calling are coming to fruition. And by doing away with cold calling, its clients are always assured of a conversion rate that allows them to double their volumes per month.

Fast forward to today, Alex is already brimming with success as the owner of the fastest-scaling mortgage marketing companies on the West Coast. And along the way, he has cultivated deep-rooted relationships that allowed him to work with well-respected figures like Dr. George Pratt, Casey Adams, Josh Snow, and Audie Attar, to name a few.

 To know more about Lyncrest Media, visit its website and Instagram.

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