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How CEO Patrick Neumiller Turned Life’s Tragedies Into His Greatest Successes



How CEO Patrick Neumiller Turned Life's Tragedies Into His Greatest Successes

Raised in Sykeston, North Dakota, Patrick Neumiller, a young entrepreneur, has taken his small town dreams and turned them into a reality. As the founder of Patrick Neumiller Construction, Iron Fit Gym & Wellness Center, Neumiller Properties, Iron Fit Supplements, and Iron Fit Apparel, he has created a broad portfolio of operations that showcase a diverse and refined skill set. Each business has unique service offerings but together, they are all centered around Neumiller’s desire to reach the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and inspire them to strive to be the best they can be. Each company Neumiller created is a part of his identity, and with each endeavor, he hopes to motivate others to pursue their passions, just as he has with his. Growing up on a farm, Neumiller learned the meaning of hard work at a very young age. At just the age of seven, his grandfather passed away and Neumiller was left with great responsibilities to keep his family farm running. With a strong determination to continue operations just as his role model once had, Nuemiller began to master the specific tasks required on the farm, and learned to succeed in the face of manual labor. Later, it was this skill set that allowed Neumiller to open his own construction company. Patrick Neumiller Construction, founded in 2012, offers an array of services from new builds to remodeling to concrete and finish work. Neumiller and his team can transform any project through their professional construction work. 

In 2018, after owning and operating Patrick Neumiller Construction for 6 years, Neumiller realized he had a real knack for building and remodeling homes and commercial properties, and that this could ultimately lead to a great additional source of income to invest in. So, he continued down this path and founded Neumiller Properties, a real estate company that remodels and sells homes and commercial properties. While these undertakings brought him great success, Neumiller felt inclined to pursue other, more personal passions as well. 

As an avid athlete and fitness connoisseur, Neumiller decided to take this love for physical exercise and turn it into a way of life. Iron Fit Gym & Wellness Center is a place where people can go to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Neumiller founded Iron Fit to be a place where community members could gather to push themselves harder, and find motivation to progress in all aspects of life. Fitness was an outlet for Neumiller after losing his brother when he was just 22, and he believes it can play a fundamental role in the shaping and healing of others as well. Out of his heartache, he decided to pour everything into his own health and others health, through the opening of Iron Fit Gym. Health and fitness play a huge role in Neumiller’s life, and Iron Fit Gym is an opportunity for him to share this passion with others. 

Iron Fit Supplements and Iron Fit Apparel are both businesses that contribute to Neumiller’s passion for fitness. Iron Fit Supplements offers an array of supplements to help others reach their fitness goals, and Iron Fit Apparel renders clothing for people to wear in and out of the gym. Iron Fit as a brand culminates Neumiller’s passion for fitness and his desire to motivate and inspire others to be their best. 

Through his various business endeavors, Neumiller strives to continue helping others, whether that be through home improvements or health. With an inclination to always be there for others, Neumiller puts his heart into each venture, living his best life, and pushing others to live theirs. 


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