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How Entertainment Mogul Cutty Has Been Giving Indie Artists the Opportunity to Shine



Many people have been saying that the next generation is the hope of the nation. But we often hear stories from the news about parents neglecting their children—those that grow up without proper guidance end up becoming delinquents, with only a few of them choosing to break away from such a lifestyle. 

Although there are people that hope to help them turn their lives around, not many can relate to the struggle that those children have lived with their entire lives. One of the few that do is entertainment mogul Cutty.

Cutty, whose real name is Terrance Disman, grew up in New Jersey. He is motivated to help the youth break the system after his little brother got incarcerated at the age of 16. Cutty was devastated at seeing his best friend put away in jail. Since then, Cutty has been doing  everything he can to avoid trouble and help his brother, who is currently on his second appeal. He was inspired to change the lives of young people before they get to that point. 

The entertainment mogul believed that the best platform to do so was through his YouTube channel. Knowing that the youth spent a lot of time listening to music and trying to make it big like their idols through YouTube, he felt it was the right place to set up his channel Cutty TV.

Cutty TV has become an indie platform that helps give young, aspiring artists a chance to showcase what they have and for small businesses to advertise their brands, products, or services. His channel has been giving indie artists their opportunities and has even helped them get to major shows and tours. Cutty was able to get a lot of those artists to get major features with established artists in the industry.

Since the age of 22, Cutty has flown artists from New Jersey to California on an indie tour. For many of them, it was the first time leaving the state lines. He has been responsible for many artist’s opportunities around his area. Cutty has also interviewed more than 20+ indie artists on his YouTube channel. 

His channel has been running consistently for five years, and the opportunities he has given have really benefited the artists he’s worked with. Cutty TV received a nomination for the Philly Hip-Hop Award back in 2018 for Best Webcast/TV Platform.

Cutty has also recently dropped a mixtape titled “Worldwide Tunes,” where he put artists’ works from across the country into one mixed tape. He then distributed them out to 25 countries all over the globe. Cutty has also been featured in a mobile video game called Everybody Beefs. In the game, Cutty can be used as a playable character to face off against other entertainers.

This year, Cutty announced his blog called Jersey Watch, which also gives indie artists new opportunities. This is something that New Jersey has lacked as most of the opportunities are available in Los Angeles and New York.

To know more about Cutty TV, you may visit their website or follow them for updates on Instagram.

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