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How Fancy J London Went From Recording in a Truck to Running Her Own Record Label



People delve into a music career for different reasons. Others search for fame and fortune, while others want to create a platform to make a difference. Multi-genre artist, entrepreneur, and blogger Fancy J London falls under the latter. 

Jacqueline Williams, best known as Fancy J London, grew up in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, and discovered her passion for singing in the 4th grade. From there, she would perform in school plays and church choirs. She would take the nickname “Fancy” for looking naturally classy in high school despite rarely wearing jeans or sweats.

Fancy J London is a multi-genre recording artist from Boston. She started her music career in 2014, releasing songs on SoundCloud. Fancy J’s debut single “So, I Could Be,” was released to praises and brought a larger following on social media in 2016. She would later release albums independently. Her third album, “Blu3,” reached the attention of John Mayer, Jimmy Fallon, Shakewell, and Pouya & Boobie Lootaveli.

Her latest milestone was her song “You’re the Reason I Don’t Trust Nobody” from her 7th album Reflect” as it hit #1 on Spinnin’ Records. Since then, she has continued to release music consistently. This year, Fancy J released three new singles, “Forever,” “2 Slides,” and “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” She also released her self-titled 8th album last September.

As an artist, Fancy J has an unmatched lyrical expression with high energy performances and a fantastic personality. Her works earned her fame, admiration, and recognition for her talents. Fancy’s popularity would continue to increase across several social media platforms. Her massive following can be attributed to her ingenuity and creativity, attracting music lovers from across the globe.

Outside of music, Fancy J also runs her own record label called Fancy Lady Industries. She also runs a blog for which she won an award and owns a few charities. Fancy J also holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is fluent in Spanish. She is also an ordained minister and graphic design artist. She also delves into cosmetology, photography, writing, and fashion design. Fancy J spends half of her time in Mexico and the other half in the United States. She has been using her earnings to make a difference. 

A victim of domestic violence and diagnosed with an incurable immune disease MRSA, Fancy J London has been using the earnings she made from her singing career to help other artists, support domestic violence survivors, and find a cure for MRSA. Fancy J also teaches English and other vocational skills to people who can’t afford university or college in Mexico and other places.

Fancy J London hopes to reach people working to break through the stigma of creating a pathway for financially incapable people. Her goal is to inspire others who are also passionate about helping others. She believes that even a little help can make an incredible difference. It was always her dream to reach the fortune of an artist. Now that she’s attained it, she is sharing, building, creating, and educating others who weren’t born into a life of privilege. 

To learn more about Fancy J London, you may visit her website.

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