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How is Technology Redefining the HR Landscape for Good?



How is Technology Redefining the HR Landscape for Good?

The businesses have evolved tremendously in the past few decades than in the last 100 years owing to the technological revolutions. All industries have been influenced deep enough to change the very essence of their functioning. One of the most stagnant verticals of the industry is HR and it has hardly changed in all these years. The typical pen-calculator technique is replaced by the Spreadsheets but a little yielded. But it is one quarter down in 2019 and here is the era of HR technologies. We shall have a look at some of the game-changing Tech-stuff in the HR Software solution industry and how they can help you become numerous.

Smart Performance Management:

The corporate ecosystem demands performance on a continuous basis. An HR Software provides continuous performance evaluation by utilizing employee performance data and uses modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analytics to provide proper information. The software can provide better analytics as it records performance data for self-assessment purposes. Comprehensive data regarding employee performance and behavioral patterns to help suit the organizational objectives. The reports can be accessed by the HR and the reporting managers in order to trace the struggling employees and provide them with relevant pieces of training apart from counseling. The employees can also use these reports

Cognitive Computing:

The use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help automate manual tasks. For instance, the HR Software will automatically read the mail containing ‘Invoice’ as the subject and download the attached bill. It shall then filter relevant information and make entries in the accounting software leaving the HR a notification acknowledging the same. This is possible as the Software can learn from the user’s interactions and automate the repetitive tasks. The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two technologies which can turn the tables as most of the processes which require zero or minimal human intervention can be replaced by smart automation. Gamification, AR, VR, etc are some of the most alluring offerings as they make the employee engagement more sensible and relevant. The use of cognitive computing can fairly enhance the managerial capabilities of any professional as they lay a foundation for a systematic approach to the problems.

Smart Recruitment:

The newer generations are using their smart devices for most of the daily tasks with businesses looking forward to this as an opportunity to the HR to look beyond the resumes. The Smart Applicant Tracking Systems to record and manage the applicant details from their applications. It can check their profiles on social media to see if the submitted information is in-line with submitted details. Moreover, primary screening can be done and the suitable candidates are mailed to confirm their eligibility. The HR configures the payroll software and splinter the hiring process with a corresponding job profile. The mobile communication provides convenience at competitive pricing. One of the main advantages is that physical presence is that more candidates can be considered for the job. the handling of the applications to the final hire is taken care of with proper reporting. Thus, you can benefit from the digital movement and build an employee-centric brand at the same time.

Intelligent Self-Servicing:

The ESS Portals can serve as tools for employee engagement as they can take of themselves. The ESS Portal provides a centralized platform for communication throughout the organization where the employees can solve their grievances. The Software can also be embedded with AI-powered Chat Bots to answer FAQs which consume the HR’s time such as why a particular deduction was made from the paycheck or why the KPIs are hit for the month. They can also offer MOOC programs wherein they can learn the relevant skills for the job and improvise themselves. One of the benefits of such systems is that the employees feel confident about their grievances being addressed properly without any bias or malpractices. This also safeguards the organizational interests in the longer run.

Thus, the smart HR solutions can deliver the results for the aspiring businesses and conglomerates with their scalability. The HR domicile is very enthusiastic and the cost-effective solutions provided have pushed for greater acceptance in the global and Indian market.    

Shy Lee is an Associate Digital Marketing Manager at factoHR , a India based hr and payroll software solution providers. A creative marketing strategist with over 8 years of experience developing digital marketing strategies and guiding business development